1 way out

Arianna is a 14 year old CIA agent/asassian.Durring one of her missions she drags one direction into her work.There is one way out of this mess but many ways to die.


1. The airport

Ariannas POV:

I pulled the hood on my jacket over my head si my face was not visible."Target in sight repeat target in sight" I said."Does he have 562 and the flashdrive" asked Hunter.A little bit about myself I'm 14,I've worked for the CIA for 2 years,I have long black hair,blue eyes,and I'm really tall for my age.My friend,Hunter, he's my partner and my brother,he looks like me black hair,blue eyes,really tall."Yes" I said."Okj quickly make the trade then get out of there the van will be in the parking lot.I nodded and walked over to them."Hello Ari" Jake said."Hello Jake" I replied."Do you have it" Jake asked."Yes right here" I said pulling the dog tag out of my shirt."Good and I have what you need too" Jake said."Ok I leave the dog tag on the floor and you leave the flashdrive and 562 on the floor" I said taking off the dog tag."Deal" Jake said putting down the flashdrive and my fellow agent.Jake and I began to cross pathes."So sorry it has to end like this" Jake said when he walked by me.I pulled out my gun and turned around to face Jake."Great minds think alike don't they" Jake asked.I turned around and began to run with 562 and the flashdrive."Hunter's in the parkig lot" I said to 562."Good" He said running ahead of me.I got to the parking lot and saw the van but before I could get in a car pulled in between us."Not today" I whispered to myself.I jumped,slid across the top of the car,and landed in the van."Great work 475" Hunter said."You too" I said"Yopu ok 562" Hunter asked."Yeah" he said."Shit" I said looking out the window."What" Hunter asked."That car that I slid over is following us" I said."Don't worry we'll lose them" Hunter said."No we wont Jake's there" I said."He's holding a gun to one of thier heads" I added."Fuck ok we need to pull over" Hunter said pulling over.Jake got out of the car with the guy who was driving the car and a gun held to his head."Jake let him go he's innocent" I said getting out of the car."Oh thats not gonna hapen till you give me what I want" Jake said."Well I can't do that because thats a list of all of our agents" I said."Shame and I thought you two would make a cute couple" Jake said pulling the trigger,but the gun was empty."Burn in hell" I said."I'll meet you there" Jake said then he shot me in the leg."You Basterd" I yelled."Megan catch" Hunter yelled throwing a sniper to me."Woah when did the big girl get a new toy" Jake said."Shut the fuck up" I said shooting the hand that was holding the gun upto the guys head."Get in the van if you want to live" I said.He obeyed."Now we're even" Jake said.I flipped him off then ran to the van."Go" I yelled to hunter and he floored it."Wait I need to get my friends" The new guy yelled."So long as I'm still alive he wont kill your friends" I snapped."Ok calm down I'm, Zayn Malik and you are" He asked.OMG the Zayn Malik calm down I need to stay professional."Megan Harris" I said,that was my fake name."Nice to meet  you Megan now can you please tell me what's goiung on" He asked."Ok that guy he's a bad guy and he wants this dogtag because it contains a code that can unlock a list of all our agents and he wants it so he can kill me and the rest of my agents" I explained.Now what are we gonna do?

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