1 way out

Arianna is a 14 year old CIA agent/asassian.Durring one of her missions she drags one direction into her work.There is one way out of this mess but many ways to die.


4. Leaving for safety

Ariannas POV: Hunter drove me and the boys back to headquarters where I saw Connor,and he did not look happy."hi Connor" I said getting out of the van."ari why did you bring them" Connor asked me."Connor just let me protect them please" I said."ok go ahead but if they die it's on you" Connor said before walking away."Ok you guys lets get to my office and see if there's a place I can keep you guys from getting killed" I said."Trust her guys,she knows what she's doing" Zayn said.I led the boys to my office."Take a seat and watch TV,I need to do something" I said."The boys all ran to the couch and turned on sponge bob."Computer search Jake Lasken" I said to my computer."Jake Laskin,Age:17,Weight:120 Pounds,Weakneses:Left arm and leg needed to be enhanced when caught in an explosion,Strengthes:Shooting,Languages spoken:Pacific islander,Dutch,Romanian,Kroaishian,Italian,German,French,Asain,Chinese,and Portugal" The computer said to me."Looks like we're gonna go to Egipt or Africa,It's your choice" I said to the boys."If we go to Egipt can we ride camels" Louis asked."Yeah that's going to be our only mode of transportation" I said."Egipt" The boys all said at the same time."ok" I said."When do we leave" Liam asked."in a few minutes" I said.The boys and I all walked up to the roof of the headquarters and waited for the helacopter.We all hopped in and I started it."is this your guises first time in a helicopter" I asked."yes" they all said."it's my first time too" I said."what" Liam yelled."kidding,oh and I would recommend throwing your phones out the window" I said.The boys all looked at their cell phones and reluctantly threw them on the ground.We lifted off the launch pad."computer find the fastest,least ditectable way to Egypt" I said."Route found" the computer said."computer,engage auto pilot" I said."auto pilot engaged" the computer said.I pulled out a bunch of guns."who wants the 50 cal Sniper riffle" I asked.The boys all just stared at me."okay,curls here you go" I said while handing Harry the gun. "Now the SIG550 Assault Riffle is mine" I said while loading my gun."Pretty boy you get the commando assault riffle" I said while handing Zayn his gun. "SWAT HK Machine Gun goes to Liam" I said."Bravo Squad all assault riffle goes to Niall,and the AK-74 with grenade launcher goes to Louis" I said."badass" Louis said."okay,it'll take us about six hours to get to Egypt" I said.

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