Ten Little Misfits (One Direction not famous)

Can we get a plot twist? PLOT TWIST!

Ten little misfits went out to dine,
one choked them little selves and then there were nine.

Nine little misfit kids stayed up late,
one overslept himself and then there were eight.

Eight Little misfit kids traveling in Deven,
One said they would stay here and then there were seven.

Seven little misfit kids chopping up sticks.
One chopped himself in half and then there were six.

Six little misfit kids playing by a hive,
a bumblebee stung one and then there were five.

Five little misfit kids going in for law,
one got in chancery and then there were four.

Four little misfit kids going out to sea,
A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.

Three little misfit kids walking in the zoo,
a big bear hugged one and then there were two.

Two little misfit kids sitting in the sun,
one got frizzled up and then there was one.

One little misfit kid left all alone,
they went and hung themselves and then there were none


18. Rhyme and Reason, Rivers and Little Things. (Girls P.O.V)

Mikaela P.O.V

"Yes Niall.... She's dead..." She said looking out the window. Niall stopped crying to process everything that he's hearing. I really felt bad for him; he lost one of his best mates and girlfriend between 24 hours. I decided to go get the others.

Meghan's P.O.V

Mikaela left and I looked at Niall. He was glaring at me, as if I was a monster. And actually I'm starting to think of myself as one.

"What did you mean you didn't mean to? Why were you trying to kill Kimberly?" Niall asked Staring at Erin, looking up briefly with hurt eyes. How was I supposed to explain this?! 'Oh I wanted to kill Kimberly because she was flirting with someone who isn't even my boyfriend and he was flirting back and I thought if I killed her, then he would be mine! Yeah how logical!' No.

"Well... Erm. Kimberly was flirting with Liam earlier, and he was flirting back..." I said, as Niall cut me off.
"You thought that the best answer was to kill her?! Wow, you sure think you know a person until they go and kill someone on purpose." He said, loudly, standing up. I stood up too, walking towards Niall.
"She was the reason Erin broke up with you, Niall. Don't you think it would have been for the best?!" I shouted at him as he backed up and I walked closer.
"Get away from me, you crazy psycho!!" He screamed and everyne barged through the door.

"What is going on here?!?" Zayn asked, jumping in the space between Niall and I. I backed away a little as Zayn stared at me for a moment before turning to Niall for a questioning. Everyone gathered around the two as I backed towards the window. I jumped out the open window and the last thing I heard was Niall shouting "She killed her best friend!! You really think I want to be around it!?" It? I sighed as I walked towards a big open river that only Ivory and I know how to get to.

Kimberly's P.O.V

Everyone stood in Ivory's room for another 10 minutes shouting and arguing with each other. Well almost everyone. I took a look around the room to realize that Liam was no where to be seen. I was about to go and look for him, but I thought that would cause more drama. All that was going through my mind was that that could have been me on the ground, dead. I think if it's my fate to be with Liam, then Meghan should just stay out of it. Niall left the room, followed by everyone else. We entered the living room to find Liam sitting on the couch, his arms balancing onher knees and his head in his hands. Niall went over to talk to him and I just sat on the other couch.

Ivory's P.O.V
I stood in the doorway of the living room going over in my mind what had just happened. So, Meghan killed Erin whilst trying to kill Kimberly. Wat. Niall stood from the spot next to Liam and walked to stand next to me. He let out a long sigh.
"He thinks its all his fault." Niall said to me, a little exasperated.
"I think everyone just needs some time." I said, "We'll go and search for Meghan in an hour or so." I finished, even though I knew exactly where she went. The river.

Mikaels's P.O.V

I was definately on Meghan's side with this. I definately ship Meghan and Liam together. I sat down next to Liam on the couch and he looked up.
"Hi, Mikaela..." he said in a sad tone. "I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I've made a mess.. What do I do?" He asked, looking me straight in the eyes.
"I have an idea..." I said to him and whipered it in his ear.
"Perfect." He said as I handed him Meghan's ukulele. This would be great.

-an hour later-

Ivory's P.O.V

"Okay guys, is everyone ready to go find Meg?" I asked. We had already seperated into teams. They were Me, Zayn and Kimberly, and Louis and Mikaela. Niall wanted no part of it and Liam decided to stay back with him.
"Let's head out" I said, "Zayn and Kim, you go check the backyard and around the house. Louis and Mika, you look at the park. I'll go check. the forest. Meet back in 15 minutes." I said and we all took off our own ways. I knew exactly where she was. She was down by the river that only me and her know how to get there. I walked for a bit I finally saw a figure sitting up against a tree in the near distance. I got closer only to hear sobbing. I sat down next to her and she leaned into my shoulder as her tears died down. I heard some rusteling in the tree above us, so I looked up to see a smiling Liam Payne holding Meghan's red ukulele. He put a finger up to his lips, I guess he had something in mind for Meg.. I nodded and went back to comforting her.

"What do I do, bro?" she asked me, "I killed one of our best friends, and caused so much drama! Liam will never forgive me. Let alone Niall and everyone else!" she said, looking at me very sadly.
"You don't know that! And as for Niall, I'm sure he'll get over it eventually. I sent everyone off to look for you, they're all worried. Except Niall, he wanted to stay back. Liam said he'd stay with him, too." I said and she looked away. I could tell she's still ad at Liam, but at the same time, loves him with all her heart.
"Well, I better get back," I said, "I told the others I'd be back by now!" She nodded and I left. But I wasn't leaving. I wanted to see what Liam was up to. So I hid in a bush about 10 feet away.

Meghan's P.O.V

Ivory just left me by the tree to get back to everyone else. I decided to stay here for another while. The first thing that came to mind was my favourite poem... Little Things by Tom Milsom. I start to recite it out loud.
"I spend my life creating little things
about the world we live in everyday,
I’ll write a song, I’ll write a book, I’ll sing
I’ll hate a song but play it anyway,
And all these little things I used to do," I said, looking towards the river in front of me.

"Because it’s what I’d done the day before
But now I do these things because of you,
And you’re the one who gets me doing more.
Because my life and yours are intertwined
You’re in my body inextricably..." I continued, but I was then cut off by a familliar voice saying the next line, my favourite line.
"And theres not a thought that passes through my mind,
that doesn't lead to you eventually.." I got a little startled and started looking around, but when I saw nobody, I looked up into the tree, to see a smiling Liam reciting the final words to the poem.
"These little things created in the past mean nothing now.." he said, jumping down from the tree and standing between me and the tree, finishing the poem.
"I hope these new ones last..." He said, looking into my eyes. I noticed he had my ukulele... Where'd he get that? I looked away, and sighed.
"I just want to be alone." I said and walked to the other side of the tree, closing my eyes, hoping to fall asleep, and all of this would be overwith. I then heared Liam strumming the first few chords of my favourite song... Huh?
"You're the reason to my rhyme,
and it's a shame, no it's a crime,
that I've not told you that I love you,
'cause I haven't found the time..." He sang. I've only ever heard him sing i choir practise from the other side of the room. But now he was standing directly in front of me, singing my favourite song.. His voice was so angelic.. This moment couldn't be more perfect. I opened my eyes ans smiled a little, and he continued the song.
"You're my happiness and my saddness,
you're the method to my maddness.
No one I'd rather be with,
no one I'd ever be with..." He finished, and put the ukulele down. He hel out his hand to help me off the ground. I took it and stood up in front of Liam and behind the tree. The top of my head came to about his eye brows.
"How do you know my favourite poem? And how do you know my favourite song?" I asked him, and he just smiled.
"I'm your boyfriend, and boyfriends know everything." He said, and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer than ever before. I stood on my tip-toes and wrapped my arms around his neck as he leaned in and gave me a kiss, and I never wanted to let go.

General POV

Ivory was still in the bushes, but she had taken out her iPhone and recorded the whole scene. She stopped the recording right after the two kissed, and ran back to the house to show everyone. She burst through the front door and everyone looked up questioningly, even Niall, who was busy with writing things in some book he was holding.
"Where were you?!" Zayn said, jumping up from the couch and running over to Ivory, hugging her. She giggled a little, and stepped away from Zayn.
"Thanks, Zayn," She said, "but you guys. have to see this!" She said a little louder, talking to the whole group. "It's like a scene from a movie!"
Everyone looked around to each other, confused.
"Did you find her?" Louis asked. "And where's Liam?"
"Ah, you'll see!!" Ivory replied with a grin, grabbing her USB cord, plugged one end into her phone and the other into the t.v. Mikaela switched the input on the tv, smiling to herself, because she knew what was coming. It was her idea after all!
"There! Now watch this!" Ivory said, playing the video on the tv screen.


"You know, they're probably really worried about us..." Meghan said. She was laying down on Liam's chest as they watched the clouds roll past.
"You're right. Let's get going!" He said and grabbed Meghan's hand to help her up.
"Here, jump on my back, It'll be alot faster!" Liam said with a grin and crouched down for her to hop on. She laughed and put her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as he stood up and held onto her legs so she wouldn't fall. Liam began to run back down the narrow path he took to the river, on his way back to the house. A minute or so later, they arrived at Ivory's front door. Meghan jumped off Liam's back and they looked at each other before opening the door. As soon as they walked in, they immediately saw themselves on the television screen, kissing. Everyone in the room took their eyes off of the screen to just stare at the two that entered the door. You could just feel the awkward. You could tell that Kimberly was furious, as she had the death look about her eyes.
"Uhm... I-I thought you would've stayed down there longer..." Ivory said, awkwardly. Liam just started laughing.
"Hahaha, thats perfectly okay, love!" Liam said and everyone relaxed a little. "But I just don't understand why you guys want to watch some dumb video, when you can have the real thing!" He said and turned, grabbing Meghan's hands, pressing her against the door as he went in for another kiss.
Everyone just laughed and got up to go seperate ways. Except Kimberly.
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