Ten Little Misfits (One Direction not famous)

Can we get a plot twist? PLOT TWIST!

Ten little misfits went out to dine,
one choked them little selves and then there were nine.

Nine little misfit kids stayed up late,
one overslept himself and then there were eight.

Eight Little misfit kids traveling in Deven,
One said they would stay here and then there were seven.

Seven little misfit kids chopping up sticks.
One chopped himself in half and then there were six.

Six little misfit kids playing by a hive,
a bumblebee stung one and then there were five.

Five little misfit kids going in for law,
one got in chancery and then there were four.

Four little misfit kids going out to sea,
A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.

Three little misfit kids walking in the zoo,
a big bear hugged one and then there were two.

Two little misfit kids sitting in the sun,
one got frizzled up and then there was one.

One little misfit kid left all alone,
they went and hung themselves and then there were none




so basically, if you're reading this you're awesome, I love you okay, okay. SO. You probably read the title of this and yes, WE NEED A NEW CHARACTER! Okay, here's how this'll work, send us a description of your character (it can be you or someone you made up!)  We'll need the age, appearance (hair colour, length, how tall, things like that!) and the personality! The character(s) we choose will be in this book as well as the sequel.. YES THERES A SEQUEL :D everyone rejoice. So anyways. EMAIL YOUR ENTRY TO KevinIsAPigeon@hotmail.com! Deadline is Sunday, February 17th, 2013. BE AS CREATIVE AS YOU WANT OR POSSIBLY CAN AND GOOD LUCK AND STUFF. ^_^



                                                                             ~TommoLegend and 1D4EVA c:

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