Ten Little Misfits (One Direction not famous)

Can we get a plot twist? PLOT TWIST!

Ten little misfits went out to dine,
one choked them little selves and then there were nine.

Nine little misfit kids stayed up late,
one overslept himself and then there were eight.

Eight Little misfit kids traveling in Deven,
One said they would stay here and then there were seven.

Seven little misfit kids chopping up sticks.
One chopped himself in half and then there were six.

Six little misfit kids playing by a hive,
a bumblebee stung one and then there were five.

Five little misfit kids going in for law,
one got in chancery and then there were four.

Four little misfit kids going out to sea,
A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.

Three little misfit kids walking in the zoo,
a big bear hugged one and then there were two.

Two little misfit kids sitting in the sun,
one got frizzled up and then there was one.

One little misfit kid left all alone,
they went and hung themselves and then there were none


20. Nobody compares (Niall's P.O.V)

Niall's P.O.V

We were watching the video that Ivory recorded of meghan and Liam. He was singing a song too her. It reminded me of when Erin was playing the guitar for me. The way her fingers danced across the strings. The way she felt so comfortable when playing around. I had found my true love.

But Meghan of course ruined it for me! I lost one of my best mates and my girlfriend. I have officially hit rock bottom. There will be nobody that compares to Erin. Ever. Even if I tried, it's not humanly possible for me. A shot of Liam kissing it showed up on the screen. I felt like I was going to puke, when Meghan and Liam walked through the door.

"Umm.. I- I thought you guys would have been longer..." Ivory said awkwardly. I have noticed that other then Erin, Ivory was like the only girl I was close too. She never picked sides, she spoke her opinion, and most of all she was good to Erin. Ivory is defaintly someone I can talk too. Meghan murdered one if her best friend; defiantly not hanging out with her, Kimberly ruined mine and Erin's relationship so she was also off the list. And as for Mikaela I haven't really gotten to know her yet.

Liam's voice brought me back into reality

"Haha, thats quite alright love." I heard Ivory give a sigh of relief. But just as you think its over, of course it isn't.

"But why would you want to watch some dumb video when you can see the real thing?" he grabbed her and pulled her in for a kiss, I got up and left, disgusted with what I had just witnessed.
I ran down the hall until I found a room full of intruments. I sat down and picked up one of the guitars that sat there.

I started to play little bird by Ed Sheeran. Last time I heard this song it came frm the mouth of my girl. Gosh do I ever miss saying my girl. I Was about to enter the chorus when Piano notes filled my ears. I turned to see Ivory almost in tears playing along with me. I knew why. This was Erin's favourite song. We finished and she wiped her tears.

"I didn't know you played piano, love." she smiled she looked down.

" They're alot of things you don't know about me. Everyone else to be caught up in their own drama that I feel like the 3rd wheel to everyone. The only one who actually talks to me is Zayn but that's because he is my boyfriend." And I saw a hurt expression on her face. I don't think anyone actually realized how lonely Ivory had been. I know I sure didn't.

"Anyways... I wanted to know if you wanted to come play laser tag with us? We thought It might help to have some fun instead of sitting around the boring place." I couldn't force myself to go out into public right now. I still a wreck.

"Nah, I'll stay here if thats alright with you. I just need some time to think." I said looking out the window.

"I completely understand. After we get back though will you come watch a movie with me? You seem to always have a good laugh!" She laughed. I nodded I could at least do something later on. Laying around doesn't help with pushing the thoughts away.

"Bye Niall see you when we get back!" she shouted out into the room, while leaving with the others. I heard a chorus of 'bye Niall' and the door shut. Now I went to the fridge and grabbed a can of pepsi and went to the cupboard to grab a bag of chips.

I went on a walk through the house. I decided to start in the kitchen. I looked around the walls and saw photo frames hung up everywhere. Some with friends and family, some of Ivory, and then there were ones with Ivory and the rest if the girls. I guess these girls had known them for a long time. I went into the living room and sat down on the couch. I looked around and saw alot of books, they must enjoy reading here.

I had almst finish touring the house only Ivory room was left. I walked in and looked around. She had plently of books in here. I looked around and saw a bunch of awards on the wall. But what caught my eye was the college of photo's on the wall. I walked over and saw a bunch of pictures of the girls. There were also alot of school pictures. I saw from when she as in preschool. There was a boy who looked alot like Zayn, and because this was an older photo there was names along the bottom of the picture. It actually was Zayn! Haha I didn't know that!

I looked around some more until I saw sheet music laying everywhere. I picked one up that she had written notes on. There was no lyrics or title. I could also play this easily in the guitar. I grabbed the sheet music and headed towards the music room.

I finished playing the notes on the sheet, and I must say, Ivory writes pretty Music. I decided to make lyrics for it.

It took me awhile but I have up until the first Chorus done.
" You're so pretty when you cry, when you cry
Wasn't ready to hear you say goodbye
Now you're tearing me apart, tearing me apart
You're tearing me apart.

You're so London, your own style, your own style
And together we're so good, so girl
Why are you tearing me apart, tearing me apart?
You're tearing me apart

Did I do something stupid?
Yeah girl, if I blew it
Just tell me what I did,
Let's work through it
There's got to be some way to get you to want me like before

'Cause no one ever looked so good
In a dress and it hurts, 'cause I know you won't be mine tonight
No one ever makes me feel like you do when you smile
Baby, tell me how to make it right

Now all of my friends say it's not really worth it
But even if that's true
No one in the world could stop me from not moving on, baby, even if I wanted to,
Nobody compares to you...."

I started playing when I got a text from Ivory.

'Hey Nialler, we just finished laser tag and were going out for dinner, did you want to come? And We are not were gonna be later cause we have to go to the grocery store.'

I still wanted to be alone so I texted her back saying I was staying here. I was examining the intrusments when I saw a little door in the side of the wall. It would have been hard for me to crawl into but I want to see whats in there. I opened the very creeky door, and looked inside, there was lots of stuff in there, alot of Ivory's stuff. I found a bunch of old sheet music, a little keyboard, and a camcorder. I turned on the camcorder and saw a bunch of video's I probably shouldn't have seen. But the first one on there had to be from when she was about 7.

"Since I'm not very good at writing, I decided to keep a virtal diary." I didn't go through the rest. I decided to film a video singing the song I wrote for Erin. I set up a tripod and filmed.

-finishing singing the song-( Which is Nobody Compares)

I had tears streaming down my face I couldn't handle my life with out Erin anymore.

"I miss my girl, she is my one and only girl. I can't move on as it says in the song... Before I do what I'm about to do I have to say some words.
To Liam and Meghan, I forgive both of you, I'm sorry for about what I said about you guys. You guys are great friends no matter the mistake.
To Louis and Mikaela, I'm sorry for walking in on you guys, stay strong!
To Kimberly, you'll be fine love, just keep on pushing!
To Zayn, You treat Ivory like a princess! She deserves it! She's a hard working girl!
And lastly to Ivory, Thank you for being my friend. You always tried to make me feel better in the worst situation, you let me stay in your house even though you knew I would eat you out of house and home! Be safe and be strong! But thank you for the sheet music to write that song, it was beautiful! This will be my last words for you! Have amazing lives abd always remember your Irish friend Nialler. I shut off the camera and grabbed a knife from the kitchen. I went to the back yard and stabbed myself right in the heart, the last thing. Remember saying before darkness took over was, I'm coming for you love...
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