Carry On Little Demigod

The only thing worse than being alone is being surrounded by people who ignore you. That's why when sixteen year old Gabrielle Mason hears a voice say "Camp Half-Blood" she decides to go looking for it. Along the way she discovers she's more than just a regular run-of-the-mill Slayer. She finds out she's a demigod and that someone has decided that the First Evil needed to rise again. It's now up to her to bridge the gap between demigods and Slayers. Will she succeed or will their only chance at survival fail? (For writer's sake I'll ignore the Heros Of Olympus series)


6. The Message from Buffy (Gabrielle)

So Percy and I hung out for a while just getting to know each other and being generally good friends and needless to say somehing had to come and eff it all up. Zack jogged towards us and looked at me.

"Mr. D and Chiron wants to see you in the Big House," he told me.

If the king of all drunkards wanted me that could only mean trouble. Percy gave me a sypmathetic look before Zack and I left to see what Mr. D wanted. After we walked in Mr. D and Chiron were there to greet us...well me at least. Mr. D shooed Zack away and motioned for me to sit.

"Galleria Monroe-"

"Gabrielle Mason," I corrected.

"That's what I said Gisel," he replied curtly before continuing, "There's been a message for you from someone named Poofy Winters. She said something about needing help."

"Wait a second, Buffy needs help? Did she say why she didn't just ask any of the other Slayers?"

He waved his hand dismissivly, "She said that more than just Slayers are needed. If this has anything to do with the looming Titan war then I suggest you say so now, Griselda."

I chose to ignore that he got my name wrong (again) and sat up straight.

"I think it has to do with some signs I saw before I came here. Every town I was in was deserted, a sure sign of the First Evil coming back to pow-"

"The First Evil? Wasn't it destroyed," Chiron asked

"Please, Buffy just ended up making Sunnydale implode on itself. Hardly enough to defeat the First, since it's older than anything I've ever seen I would suppose it will take more than an implosion to kill it."

"When do think it'll make it's attack?"

"Not right now, The First is still pretty weak from the battle of Sunnydale. I would guess that it's biding it's time and waiting for us Slayers to fight amongst ourselves. Meaning-"

"No place is safe for the Slayers."

"Exactly. The First, as you might already know, can take the form of anyone who has died."

Mr. D frowned and leaned back in his chair as Chiron looked at me.

"And you're sure about this," he asked.

"As long as the Slayers try to take the First on alone, they're bound to lose."

"So the only obvious answer," Chiron stated, "is for demigods and Slayers to work together."

"And how," Mr. D asked, "Will that happen? I doubt that any of the Slayers want a bunch of demigods freaking out over them."

"Simple," I stated, "If any of the others are willing they'll learn the basics of being a Slayer so they have a greater understanding and then I can go to Buffy and let them know what's going down on this end."

Mr. D scoffed.

"It'll never work, Gwendolyn. Even if they do listen what makes you think they'll want to fight?"

"We're all doomed if they don't. If your hunch is right and the First is alligned with the Titans then we're beyond royally screwed. If those two forces are working together we may as well kiss this world goodbye because we're all goners."

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