Carry On Little Demigod

The only thing worse than being alone is being surrounded by people who ignore you. That's why when sixteen year old Gabrielle Mason hears a voice say "Camp Half-Blood" she decides to go looking for it. Along the way she discovers she's more than just a regular run-of-the-mill Slayer. She finds out she's a demigod and that someone has decided that the First Evil needed to rise again. It's now up to her to bridge the gap between demigods and Slayers. Will she succeed or will their only chance at survival fail? (For writer's sake I'll ignore the Heros Of Olympus series)


1. Meeting Thalia (Gabrielle)

To say I was alone in this world was an understatement. After all I was a Slayer, one of them from the Mass calling and I had to stay away from others to keep them safe. However, even though I couldn't quite put my finger on it, I felt more different from the other Slayers. Almost as if I was more powerful in some respect. I might have asked my mom but she died from a car crash when I was 10. So needless to say when I started travelling to some camp for...special people (would that be right? It's a bit confusing anyways,) I had no idea why I was even going but whatever.

Not like Buffy or anyone else would notice I was missing until they needed me, that's how it worked. I kept my head down, went on patrol, did my own thing and survived. It was a pretty okay system until a couple days ago when I was finishing patrol and heard a vioce in my head telling me to go to this camp. But seriousy though, I need to stop taking orders from random vioces in my head it's obviously not very healthy. I sighed since it had been a while since the last stop. Train rides are boring let me tell you, they just go on forever!

To myself I hummed "Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas. It's a pretty cool song if you haven't heard it, one of the best examples of classic rock. In the back of my mind there was a nagging feeling that I wouldn't fit in at the camp or something would go wrong and they turn out to hate Slayers. Suddenly I got a tingly feeling in the back of my neck (I had dubbed that my Spider Sense) and slipped into my patrolling mind set just in case. I looked up when I saw someone enter my general area. It was a girl (a powerful girl maybe a Slayer) with short spikey black hair and electric blue eyes. She smiled at me and really she couldn't have been more than 16.

"Hello," I greeted polietly.

"Are you Gabrielle Feron?"

My purple eyes narrowed (purple was an eye color from my mom's side) and crossed my arms. Usually if someone knows you, and you're not famous, you're in some sort of danger. She seemed to sense my caution, more likely my Slayer aura, and said quietly,

"You're not in danger, at least not from me. I'm Thalia and I'm here to escort you to Camp Half-Blood."

"And you know me how?"

She smiled, "I work for your Aunt on your dad's side. He feels you'd be safer at Camp than wandering around on your own like you do," she shrugged, "Not that I bame you. I mean if it were up to me I'd let you do whatever it is you do."

"Ha, llike I'd honestly believe that my 'dad' actually sent you. And if he did why did he wait until after I was called hm?"

"Called? What do you mean?"

I leaned closer to her, closer than I'd like but this wasn't a public thing, and said,

"To be a Slayer. Six years ago there was a massive calling for Slayers. Every Potential to be born at the time was called and became a Slayer wether we wanted to or not. Just to defeat the First Evil."

Thalia's eyes widened. From her expression I'd say she never heard of Slayers before.

"But Slayers are supposed to be extinct. I was told that the First won."

"You were told wrong then and someone wanted our two groups to meet," I replied leaning back in my seat.

"We never counted on you being a Slayer AND a demigod."

Now it was my turn to be shocked. Willow had talked about the demigods of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, but never had we known they still existed. Let alone that I was one! I blinked several times and stared at Thalia.

"You're shitting me."

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