Carry On Little Demigod

The only thing worse than being alone is being surrounded by people who ignore you. That's why when sixteen year old Gabrielle Mason hears a voice say "Camp Half-Blood" she decides to go looking for it. Along the way she discovers she's more than just a regular run-of-the-mill Slayer. She finds out she's a demigod and that someone has decided that the First Evil needed to rise again. It's now up to her to bridge the gap between demigods and Slayers. Will she succeed or will their only chance at survival fail? (For writer's sake I'll ignore the Heros Of Olympus series)


5. Dying is Kinda Painful (Jennifer)

You see that blue BMW driving down the road? Yeah that's me, or at least it was until I died, but we'll get to that later. Yep I am in fact talking to you readers from...well I'm not really sure where I am. I won't say Heaven because a) I'm not of any Christian Demonination and b) not religious. I'm what you'd call a religion-free person, that just means that I basically know a little about each religion in the world but choose to be none of them.

Well anyway, now look about half a mile ahead. You see that dinged up used car? Yeah that belongs to Nancy, one of Gabby's friend's sisters, who ends up being my killer, ironic huh? Can you see that Nancy is texting? Now watch as her wheels veer into my lane little by little. A few more feet and there goes my front end!

Geez, it seemed a lot less painful at the time. Oh gosh, my tires are out of wack! Aaaaannd....there goes my car off the cliff! And that leads up to where we are now, moral of the story? DON'T TEXT AND FRIGGING DRIVE! THAT'S HOW PEOPLE DIE IDIOTS!

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