Carry On Little Demigod

The only thing worse than being alone is being surrounded by people who ignore you. That's why when sixteen year old Gabrielle Mason hears a voice say "Camp Half-Blood" she decides to go looking for it. Along the way she discovers she's more than just a regular run-of-the-mill Slayer. She finds out she's a demigod and that someone has decided that the First Evil needed to rise again. It's now up to her to bridge the gap between demigods and Slayers. Will she succeed or will their only chance at survival fail? (For writer's sake I'll ignore the Heros Of Olympus series)


7. A Vampire Attacks Camp (Gabrielle)

After my forboding statement (which was pretty depression for me) Mr. D shooed me away. I looked around and found the shooting range was strangley empty.

"Psst," a voice said. It almost sounded like a nymph, "Hey you should be hiding."

I turned in the general direction and replied,



I grinned and said reassuirngly,

"Don't worry I'm a Slayer," and then walked off to find the vampire.

Honestly I didn't think that vampires could get into camp but hey another surprise for the books. Anyway I entered my Slayer mind set and took the stake out of my jacket. Suddenly there was a growl from behind me.


"Ooh well isn't it great to see you, Fang face. Or is the politically correct term 'Undead American'? I never can keep up."

The vampire snarled and ran the me and I dodged the attack and kicked him. As he got up I punched him in the face and my hand go caught on the necklace he was wearing (which I later realized was the Ring of Amara) and as my hand pulled back the necklace came with my fist. The vampire gave me a sheepish look before I staked him. Before I knew it everyone had stopped hiding (much to the chagrin of the Ares cabin) and looked at me. I looked down at the necklace and frowned as I vaugely heard Chiron yeeling at the campers to resume business as normal.

"She brought it here," one of the Ares campers yelled.

"Shut up, meat sack," the darkness in my vioce surprised me, "You think that vampire is the only one? You're wrong it's just the first of many after the Ring of Amara and you. So if any of you are smart you'll stop being idiots and listen to me. I'm your once chance at survival understand?"

I could tell the sudden change in mood scared some of the younger campers. I shoved the ring in my pocket and walked away. I needed time to plan an attack and get a hold of Buffy or Willow. Looks like I was fighting two different battles that might be one in the same.

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