Fallen Apple

A short poem about the garden of Eden


1. Fallen Apple

Take a bit of the poisoned apple
make your fears come to life
just one bite to release your demons
slice your soul with a rusty knife

Walk into the placentacal garden
touch the bark as you caress the tree
grope the apple branch
pull at the fruit, set the evil free

Umbilical tear
the skeletal branch shed of its fruit
an uncertain smile and bite into the stolen crop
a desperate swallow of the forbidden loot

Word of devilish whisper sweet nothings
an orchestra of temptation seeps in ears
the slithering serpent spikes every thought
embrace what was said, forget your fears

Forged from mud, soil and dirt
treated like gods like they believe they deserve
the infection called mankind shows its face
spreading from the Garden out onto this Earth
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