Abby's life has only be filled with grief and hatred. But, that all changed once she met Damion, the new British exchange student and becomes attached to the boy who is now living in her apartment complex as her new neighbor. Damion slowly heals Abby from her pain... or does he?


2. Neighbors

"Oh, hi.  Abby, right?"  He smiles at me, using his seductive and charming British accent.  But I can't swoon over him right now.  My car was just ruined, it's a total mess outside, and I can't even hear myself think over the movers yelling at each other.  

"Yeah, Daniel, right?" I'm pissed at this guy, so I might as well enjoy my bratty mood. 

"Err... no, Damion."  He looks at me in total shock, as if no one has ever forgotten his name before.  Well, I can guarantee that no girl ever has.

"Oh, right.  Sorry about that, Damion."  I correct myself as I speak. 

"It's fine, doll."  Okay, Abby, ignore that one.

"Anyway..."  I do what I told myself and ignore his complete playboy act and carry on.  "Do you think that they will finish soon?  I can't study with all of this noise."  I point at the movers over my shoulder with my thumb. Please tell me that I am pointing at the movers and not my ruined Infinti.

I guess I was pointing at my baby because Damion's eyebrow rose with a perfect smile plastered on his lips.  "Sorry, love, but I can't really do anything about that."

Flirt.  "Well, who can I chew off about it?  Certainly not one of those freakishly huge men carrying couches over their shoulders.  And I don't suppose that there is a scrawny one in the crew, so sorry, but, you're the only one I can talk to about it."

"Ooh, a saucy one aren't you.  How about this.  I'll keep the boys quiet and I'll study with you if you forget about the car." 

Are you kidding me?!  Sorry to burst your bubble pal, but, my car is more important to me than some playboy I just met.  But, before I can protest, Damion places his hand on my shoulder and pulls me into the apartment.  My jaw drops.  This is so much different than mine.  The ceilings are enormous and almost everything is shiny and polished.  The floors are solid bamboo wood and the walls are a relaxing beige.  I ignore Damion's large smile, he's probably laughing at me, while I continue to stare at his apartment.  The couch in the living room is huge and can probably fit a whole football team.  There is a crystal chandelier hanging above the dark dining room table and another in the hallway.  

"Would you like anything?"  He snaps me back into reality as he heads towards his kitchen, his hand off of my shoulder.  He opens his french door fridge and pulls out one beer and a coke before I can even answer him.  How did he know??

"Here."  He tosses me the coke and I stare at him and then look down at the fizzy coke.


Damion chuckles, coming back over to me and tapping his beer bottle to my coke can.  Right before he pulls back I read the label.  "Alcohol-Free."  Is written across the top and I can feel my tense shoulders relax.  I do not want to be around a drunk Damion. 


We headed up to his room, which I really regretted at first until he promised me that he wouldn't do anything.  With me sitting on a red couch and him on the floor, we spread our textbooks over the floor and couch.  I'm guessing that he had gotten his books before he enrolled.  We spent nearly an hour studying social studies, mainly because Damion didn't understand American history and I had to keep repeating myself. I even had to tell him the little bits I remember from second grade.  

We started science and neither of us could understand any of it, so, we moved on to language arts.  Sooo easy.  We barely broke a sweat until we started math.

"Each of these seven cells contains one number from 1 to 7, using all seven numbers. The sum of the four horizontal cells is 16.  The sum of four vertical cells is 17. What is the number in the shared, corner cell?" I read out loud, secretly hoping that Damion knows the answer.  Truthfully speaking, I suck at math.  My father was an expert but since he... left, I haven't had much help.  I am proud to say that I am passing with a low D.

Damion stared at me, his eyebrows furred and his face twisted to look like a cross-eyed freak.  If this is his way of thinking, then, I may have to bring my camera the next time.  Did I just say next time? 

"Five."  Damion blurted, nodding his head.  How the heck did he do that without even writing it down?? And it only took him a few seconds!!  Forget Mr. Joiner, Damion is now officially my math teacher.

"How did you do that?"  

Damion stands up and sits beside me on the couch, his breath tickling my neck while he spoke.  He has the textbook lying across both of our laps, the spine sitting at the gap between our legs.  

We finished studying and I said thank you to him, completely forgetting about my car.  Well, until now.  Right as I go through the door, Damion stops me, smiling ever so brilliantly.  "Wait."       

I turn my head to get a better view of him, his wide teeth showing as he speaks.  I wish mine were that white.  

"Do you want to go to a party with me tonight?"  A party?  Are you kidding me?  I haven't been to one since ninth grade and I don't have anything to wear.  But, there is a part of me that wants to go so bad that it's practically ripping me apart.  

"Sure..."  I answer him quietly, my shy side showing for once this night.  That's new. 

Damion's smile grows larger and I try my best to hold back mine.  "Alright.  Is nine thirty alright with you?"


"Okay, see you then.

"Yeah, see you then."

And with that, we headed our separate ways... though I just went next door to get ready.  What the heck am I going to wear?!

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