Abby's life has only be filled with grief and hatred. But, that all changed once she met Damion, the new British exchange student and becomes attached to the boy who is now living in her apartment complex as her new neighbor. Damion slowly heals Abby from her pain... or does he?


1. Damion

Gorgeous.  That's what I first thought when I saw him.  Who, you may ask?  Well, that's my question too.  The boy standing in front of our class, locking eyes with Stacy Monroe while grinning seductively  has yet to be introduced.  He has dark brown hair, nearly black, that is styled like David Beckham's.  His eyes are a wonderful shade of green and are both exciting and calming.  

"Class, this is Damion Cross and he has transfer to Colorado from Oxford, London."

The all of the girls are playing with their hair, twining strands around their fingers while smiling flirtatiously at Damion.  They look like drunk whores.  Sorry for my language, I'm just speaking the truth.

Within seconds, Damion is instructed to his seat.  My heart stops as he looks down my aisle, staring at it as if he sees a cockroach one each desk.  He stares right at me, staring me from my chest and up.  It's not because he's a pervert, it's because I am sitting down at my desk, my feet propped up on the side bars.  You can only see my chest and up from where he is.

I can feel my body tensing up, my shoulders now stiff and my legs softly shaking.  He continues to stare at me, penetrating me.  He finally averts his gaze and begins to walk to the other side of the room.  Stacy turns around, looking at me as if I just killed her dog.  I just look away, clenching my fist that is on my thigh.

Suddenly, a loud rattling comes from my left and I automatically look to see what all the noise is coming from.  I have to hold in my gasp as I see green eyes staring at me.  Damion's seat is right beside me...  

I feel as if I should be worried and nervous, and trust me, I am. But there's a part of me that just wants to stick my tongue out at Stacy and her minions.  I seriously feel like a winner. Being able to see Damion all period, sitting beside him, is just wonderful.  But, of course, my fantasies of laughing at Stacy and dreams of Damion disappear when Mr. Joiner speaks up, staring at the two of us behind his thick glasses.

"Mr. Cross, I do not recall telling you to sit there.  Your seat is in the front, with Stacy, not Abby."

My heart begins to pound through my chest.  No matter if she means to or not, Stacy always finds a way to ruin my happiness. 

"Yes, I know..."  Damion begins in his light British accent.  Completely adorable.  "But I'd rather sit here."

The whole class stares at him in disbelief.  Did he serious just say that he'd rather sit by a no one like me instead of the most popular girl in school?  And I should add that she is the prettiest too.  I can admit that without breaking a sweat since I learned to accept it.  And seriously, I am not even in my best outfit; I don't even have a best outfit.  I'm just wearing a black and grey sweater, black toms, ripped jeans, and black feather earrings.

I get death glares coming from all of the girls in the class, soon followed by all of Stacy's male worshipers.  I mean, seriously, this is insane.  I glance at Damion to see what his reaction is to all of their objections, but, all he does is smile at me.  

Wow.  What a weirdo.

It turns out that Damion is in three of my classes; math, art, and science.  He only sits next to me in Math, but, he isn't too far away from me in the other two subjects.  So, I'll be able to see him first period, fourth period, and sixth period.  Beat that, Stacy.

Once I got to my apartment, which is actually pretty roomy, there were moving trucks everywhere.  They are blocking the whole road and my Infinti can barely park on the curb.  

This is so stupid!  Retarded!  Idiotic!  Who needs these many trucks just to move into an apartment!  I mean, C'mon people! We live in freaking Colorado.  A movie star isn't going to visit anytime soon!

Right as I lock my car, a loud screeching comes from behind me.  Please, God, please don't let it be what I think it is.  I have been a good girl and I promise that I'll give to the poor and help old people and even take care of rabid raccoons. .... I'll let Stacy have Damion!  Just, please, please don't let it be what I think it is!

Bracing myself for what I may see in the next second, I turn around and have to hold in my gasp.  My beautiful car has a large screech going down it's side, the left side view mirror torn off.  My baby! 

Alright, that's it.  Whoever is moving in is going to pay for this.  Literally.

I stomp up the stairs, following the movers toward an open door. I hit the door bell furiously, slamming my fist into it even though the door is still open.  This guy is going to get it.

I watch as a tall, lean boy around my age walks up to the door frame, blinking his green eyes at me as if he were just punched in the stomach   He looks stupid, but I probably do too.  Damion is standing in front of me and I just noticed that the door next to his is mine.

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