Same Mistakes

This a One Direction love story


6. Chapter 4: Truth Or Dare?


Mary's POV
After the boys put their stuff in their rooms I ordered pizza.
"WHAT KIND OF PIZZA DO YOU WANT!?!" I shout from the kitchen
"Extra cheese!"
They shout from all over the house. I pick up the phone and dial the pizza place
"Hi can I have a large Pepperoni pizza, a large cheese pizza, a large veggie pizza, large extra cheese pizza, large ham pizza, a  large chicken pizza, and a large everything pizza? Oh! can you make 3 of each please?" I ask
"Yeah sure that would be 109 dollars." The guy says
"The address is 123 Amber St" I say
"Okay the pizzas will be there in an hour" And he hangs up
(A/N:I'm American so I'm gonna use American things just so you know.)
Niall walks in and asks when the pizza will be here
"An hour because I got 3 of each.." I say making Niall smile like a kid in a candy shop
"I fucking love you!" He yells and pulls me in to a bone crushing hug
Ow! He squeezing me where the bruises are! Once he let go I fake smiled.
Harry comes down the stairs and walks over to me and Niall
"Hey wanna play truth or dare?" He asks
"What the hell sure!" I say and we walk to the living room where everyone else is watching  TV
"Hey guys lets play truth or dare!" Harry says making the boys yell in joy 
"Come everyone let's sit in a circle." I say and we form a circle on the floor. We brought the dogs back to the little house already
"Okay! I call going first!" Louis shouts happily
"Okay Lou truth or dare?" Zayn asks in this weird voice making me and Julia snicker
"Dare!" Louis yells happily "Okay I dare you to.... do the sexy and I know it dance
 We were rolling on the floor laughing (A/N: I made my friend do this in the hall at school... I was dying)
*A few hours later*
"Okay Harry... Truth or Dare?" Louis says once he was done
"Dare.." He says calmly
"I dare you to run outside naked! Mary you can't watch.." Louis says and the others walk outside all but Liam
"You seem very distant Mary... why?" He asks while looking at the picture of Lou and I at the zoo when I was 3... A giraffe was eating leaves from our hands
"Umm I um just am trying to um cope with the idea of having 5 boys in the house.. Yeah that's it I'm just nervous.." I say totally lying through my teeth... I'm just for Tim to pop out of nowhere and kill us all..
"Your soooo lying through your teeth Mars... Can I call you that?" He says finally looking at me
"Yeah you can.." I say and blush
"You have a bruise on your neck... It's huge too.." He says leaning close to my neck. Oh just great... He knows..
"Oh my god it's in a shape of a.... hand.. Mary who did this to you?!" He says with anger rising in his voice
What do I do?! Just run or tell him everything? Tell him I was jumped? I think I'll go with the first one..
"Umm..." Was I was able to say before running out the back door with Liam hot on my trail
"MARY WAIT!! WHY ARE YOU RUNNING!! IT CAN'T BE BAD!!" He yells as I run to my little hiding spot
After 5 mins of running and yelling I lose him just as I am a few blocks from the spot. I push through the leaves and trees and end up here:
I plop onto the couch and cry, just cry. He knows! He probably is calling a wimp right now. I bet he home and told the others and they are laughing about how weak I am.. I have say Liam is cute... or sexy... or very hot I might say. But I have no chance with him cause of stupid ass hole Tim! I just ugh! Hate him so much! He ruined my life! Took my virginity! 
I bend down and grab the razor blade I leave here... It's been 3 days since I cut... that's too long for me. I pull of my jacket and bracelets and put the blade to my wrist... I make 7 cuts and then all sudden something starts buzzing
my phone
(A/N: This how I will always do phone calls)
?:Mary it's Liam.... are you alright?
Mary: No, I'm not okay I just... I can't explain..
Liam: Do you want to talk about it, in person of course?
Mary:Not at the house though I can't go back yet.. You want I mean?
Liam:I do.. I'm actually wandering the streets, the cops are looking for us.. let's meet behind of a old bakery, Louis was pointing out where everything is... Please meet me there?
Mary:I'll meet you there Liam, so I'll see you soon bye
Called Ended
"I guess I should go.." I say to myself and wipe off the blood on my wrists, put band aids on (A/N:You'll never want to get them infected! And yeah I did cut but I stopped for my friends), and walked across the street to the old bakery. This place closed down years ago and so did everything on this street, and nobody comes here so it's awesome hiding spot. Once I turned the corner I see Liam playing with his thumbs

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