Same Mistakes

This a One Direction love story


5. Chapter 3: Back Part 2

"Now go get your stuff boys and wait outside the bus door.. Make sure you have EVERYTHING okay?" Liam says
"Yes..." We reply and gather are stuff.
Finally I get be home!
Liam's POV
I'm honestly scared, I'm just scared that Mary will be mean. Or even worse I MIGHT LIKE LIKE HER! Okay calm Liam it's just Lou's sister... She might be like be Louis maybe.. Okay I'm over thinking this! 
I gather my stuff and walk out the door and see the boys standing there Louis like he was gonna explode in joy.
"Okay I told her that you guys are here, oh and just so you know she has friend there Julia now have fun! See you guys next tour!" Nick says and walks inside the bus.
"Bye Nick!" We yell as he drives away.
"COME ON LETS GO! GO GO GO GO!!' Louis yells and we run up to the door while trying to carry our stuff. Louis knocks on the door and someone yells
"One sec!! Damn Max move you fat ass!" A girl voice yells making us snicker. I hear foot steps and the door opens
Mary's POV
Julia and I were playing with the dogs in house and there was a knock at the door.

"One sec!" I yell and run to the door and open it and see Nick their bus driver.
"They boys are getting their stuff." He says and smiles.
"Hey Nick you need to use the bathroom or want lunch?" I ask as any nice person should.
"Just the bathroom thanks Mary.." He says and walks to the bathroom.
"No prob!" I say and walk to my room to change
I walk back to the living and turn off the TV
"Hey! I was watching that!" Julia whines
"The boys are here so get dressed!" I say and she runs to my room
Julia runs down and plops back onto the couch. Then there is a knock at the door.
"One sec!! Damn Max move you fat ass!"I yell trying to move Max which he was blocking the hall as usual. He moves and I walk to the door. I open it and see the boys
The boys:
"LOUIS!!!" I scream while jumping in his arms.
"MARS!!" He shouts back using my nick name he gave me like years ago. Once we let I see 4 boys, the rest of One Direction
"Hi I'm Mary! Louis's little sis, I'm 17 almost 18, I love music, I have one friend and a boyfriend Tim." I say trying to sound proud about Tim. They introduce them
selves and we walk into the house.
"These are the dogs first is Mr.Giggles he loves to eat and sleeping he is fat, Max is ALWAYS eating and sleeping he blocks hall ways and lays under the table if you are eating there,  Ali loves to lick feet and drink from the toilet, Princess Chester Sparkle and Annie love to play and snuggle, Trix which is a he loves to play in the snow and pull tricks on you hence the name Trix, and lastly Animal is just crazy! He ruins everything and loves to be the star of the house. And this is Julia my BFFL which she is very lazy and loves to eat, she likes bright colors but I like dark colors, but we are attached at the hip." I say and Julia walks next to me
"I'm not lazy! Just I hate exercise!" She says and pushes me lightly.
"Let me give you a tour and can pick your rooms.." I say and start the tour..
Louis is finally home!!! But Tim is gonna kill me.... literary 


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