Same Mistakes

This a One Direction love story


3. Chapter 1: Night time

Mary's POV
I just want to hide right now forever, but Tim would still find me.. Tim was coming here tonight for my weekly beating. I'm honestly peeing myself thinking about.. I'm just glad Louis is coming home from the Up All Night tour, because then Tim will stop maybe. Tim will be here any minute.. It's almost midnight..
Knock Knock Knock

"Open the door Mary." Tim says with angrier in his voice. His voice echos though out the house.. Okay now I think I need to use the bathroom.. I slowly walk to the door. With every step the floor boards creek.
"I can hear you!! OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR BITCH!" He shouts making me flinch. I slowly open the door to see Tim smirking as he steps in. Once he closes the door his fist meets my jaw and his other hand is holding me down.
"Your mine tonight.. Prepare for pain everywhere!" He shouts in my ear then nibbling on it too... Oh my god...... He's gonna rape me!! He brings me to the guest bedroom then throws me on to it. He ties me to the bed. Once he finished that he touches me in places I never want to be touched again, after that he unbuttons my shirt and pulls of my pants.
"Please stop! Tim please no stop PLEASE!" I scream crying
"Nope.. The fun has just begun.." And with that he rapped me for four hours..
*Later in the day*
Once he was done he put on his clothes and left.. I'm still tied to the bed, yay.. note the sarcastic remark. I wish just Julia will come not Louis, I don't want a new ocean.
"Mary you here?" I hear Julia's sweet voice fill the house.
"In here!" I say sighing in relief. I hear foot steps run to the door and the door fly open.. Damn she is worried. My vision is fucked up..

"Oh my god Mary... H-he-he rapped you....." She says running over to me.
"What hurts?" She asks 
"Everything!" I yell wincing.
"I'll go get stuff to help just um giving me an minute!" She says and runs out of the room. I hear all this crashes and cabinets being opened and then she runs back with banages, a HUGE knife, a brown bottle, 
lollipops, and a whole bunch of stuff..
"Let's get you untied first.." She says. This shall be fun..

*2 hours of screams and cries later*
"DONE!" Julia yells and look down to see what she did.. I have band aids EVERYWHERE, cloth around my wrists and ankles, and a lollipop in my mouth.. "Now I just one question... did he use a condom?" She says looking like she is gonna die or rejoice from my answer.
"I don't know.." I say crying, I put my face in my head.. Then THUMP! I look and see Julia out on the floor..
"Damn it!" I say and slowly get from the bed - which I might say hurt like the fiery pits of hell- and put her on the bed - but I was screaming also- then I put a lollipop in her mouth..
"I wonder it will feel like when I change my clothes..." I say thinking of how that would feel (A/N: My guess like hell..). I guess I should get dressed.. fun..
*30 minutes of whimpering later*
"Done!" I say happily 
and walk over to the room Julia is in..
Then I hear a thump and a moan.. I walk over to the bed and see Julia on the floor waking up.
"LOLLIPOP!" She screams happily then she turns to me
"Wow! You great in 
Batman stuff! Can you give a makeover?" She begs forgetting what she saw earlier never happened. 
"I know you are not pregnant because you are WAY too nice to a demon baby!" She says while getting up from the floor but fails
"Ya FAILED! Just kidding lets get you Maryifed!" I say and drag her to my room - she was still on the floor-
"OW! DOUBLE OW! TRIPLE OW!" She says -more like yells- as I drag her the stairs. Once we get to my room I make sit in the chair.. Let the fun begin!
"Wow this is nice.."She says smiling checking herself out.
"I would say picture time buuuuut you have bloodshot eyes so no way Jose!" She says and then makes a sad face.
"Let check on the dogs." I say walk to backdoor

"Just let me get some dog hair remover!" Julia says and runs to kitchen and after a few moments she runs over to me with the dog hair remover.
"Lets go meet those bitches!" She yells and we walk past the pool then walk to the little house. I open the door and see Mr.Giggles and Max in kitchen eating a million tons of dog food, Trix is sleeping, Princess is chasing her tail, Chester and Animal are playing tug of war, Sparkle and Annie are playing tag, and Ali is drinking water from the toliet.
"Well... Nothing really changed" I say glad them are hurt.
"Can I play with Mr.Giggles!? PLEASE!?" Julia asks.
"You don't have to ask just play! I'm gonna sleep on Max.. (A/N:I really do that to him... but I'm covered in dog hair)" I say walk over to Max.
"Hi fat fluffy fuck (A/N: Max is fluffy, really fat, and does nothing but eat and the room smell like ass) I', gonna sleep on you." I say and lay down on his side.
I can't for Louis to come home with the boys tomorrow..

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