A Unknown Fairy Tale

Follow Silver Rose on her unexpected adventures..

"it was a Tuesday and the 30th day of October and at an unforgiving time of 5.30am.Today was the day of my best friends present; i promised her that i would do the one thing that every other friend she had would refuse to do and that was to go and see One Direction. One direction is a pop boy band, all the same as every other band out there. “i will go with you as your birthday present” i said to her in T.G.I.F’s. Why i agreed to it will be the death of me...."


2. Bits and BOBS


“So where here with ONE DIRECTION! Hey guys, how we hanging boys?” Nick announced into a fuzzy black mic that hang upside infront of his face, for a radio studio it was very cozy; there was even more sofas that lined the edge of the room with fancy neon lights around the bottom , all five boys sat on computer chairs opposite nick having a desk of equipment and funny buttons between them. Jane and i sat on the sofa behind one direction watching in owe, well jane in owe and me in pain.. still. Throughout the interview the guys would turn around and smile; then the most dreadful thing happen... nick mention me.

“So Today the boys were little hero’s! Weren’t you guys?” they all nodded in joy; nearly pleased with their ‘Good deed’. “so what happened then?”

“Well Little old Sliver here was getting crushed by the amount people so me and niall pulled her out and saved her from internal bleeding... oh and her friend is with us too! Say Hey Girls” Louis explain in Grave detail i might add. Thanks for that mate.

“HEY!” jane shouted on behalf of both of us; i could be asked and rather not.

The rest of the interview went on as normal as it could be for one direction. Why we were still here with the boy i had no idea but jane was deffo not complaining. When they had all finished the boys piled out the room and harry again helped me up and linked arms with me like a 13 year old girls do. “Whats your Plans for the rest of the day?” he asked as we walked through the building and towards the exit.

“um.. i think me and jane are-“ and before i could say another word jane was by my side “ We Have no Plans” she smiled and glared at me.

“but ... i thought you were gunna take me to BOBS” i wined; BOBS was the Best shop ever. “Whats BOBS?” harry asked still linking arms.

“Well BOBS is only the best place in the whole of london ! its where i go to hang out; its a music shop / book shop / cafe’ ! it has just about everything, and at night its upstairs is a bar with an open mike night on Tuesdays! My Uncle owns it with this other guy” i smiled pleased with my answer, it really was the best ever. From the outside it looks so small but is massive inside, i had my 18 in there and got about 300 people squeezed in... well maybe thats a tad expressed just about 200.

“I wanna go! We have a free day now, can we join you? What you think boys up for it?” Harry asked and a various of yes answered, oh god there me thinking i could escape these annoying boys.. well not annoying but yeah.

“thats decided tell the driver the address and we will go?” he smiled and started to skip next to Louis. Then we got to the exit door where outside stood excitable teenage girls.

“okay straight to the car Kids i don’t anymore injuries” Paul shouted over the screams “i’ll see you boys later and it was nice to meet you jane and sliver” he waved as he walked away back into the building.

“ready ?” Liam asked as he opened the door. “hey stick with me and you’ll be safe” Louis smiled down and pulled me close. These boys are very touchy , feely, “kay” is all i said before being walked out and in a swifty movement was already in the van next to Louis. Throughout the car ride he kept making me laugh, hes a funny guy.

When we finally got to BOBS everyone was surprised; should have seen their faces. “SLIVER!” Uncle Jonny shouted from the cafe counter. “UNCLE” i gleamed as he pulled me in for a hug. “How is my favourite girl” he asked “im good; uncle this is harry, Liam , Zayn , niall and Louis . oh and you know Jane”

“Hello boys! Welcome to BOBS, free drinks on me ! any friend of slivers is a friends of BOBs !” he exclaimed with open arms.

Once we had milkshakes everyone split up to explore the store; me knowing the store already i decided to go to my favourite section; upstairs there’s the bar and in the bar was a stage beside the stage was a set of instruments ; an old piano given to my uncle by our great grandma who sadly passed away , she was a nut case though! She would sit by the window with a piano and sing whatever she saw. It was very interesting to say the least. Also sat a guitar , mic and a drum set; when i was about 7 me and my friends would create songs and be band and just joke about in the bar after school before opening times of course. I had an alright childhood until the age of 13 thats when my dad finally remarried after my late mother died when i was only a baby of 6 months, he swore to never love another like he love mum but that changed when dad fell for a gold digger blonde Barbie called Helen. She used to treat me like utter shit, i was her personal maid and at the age of 16; throughout my school years i was nicknamed ‘Cinderella’ by Helens children; twat x3 ( their names have no relevance.) my father also sadly died and thankfully i inherited the money , house , car and everything else. I kicked them all out and moved in with my Uncle jonny and aunt Sandy, they looked after me so well and helped me mourn and for that i will be forever thankful, to pay them back i stopped BOBS going into bankruptcy and asked them to extend it .

I went over to the piano and started playing a random tune. I loved it up here i could escape from the world; i feel at peace even.

“can you play any other tune?” a voice spoke, i looked up to see harry styles standing over the piano with his curly hair, i laughed as i started playing what makes you beautiful. “oh so you are a fan ! “ he exclaimed.

“uh no. I just had to learn it for janes birthday” i scoffed “urh one direction what gays !” i laughed still playing the song

“im offended deeply!” he smirked

“yeah then explain the smirk on your ugly face “ i laughed even more

“your inscure ! don’t no what for !” i sang in the worst voice i could.

“ like my voice ? thinking entering x factor ! “ i giggled, even at that thought makes me laugh.

“beautiful ! “ he shouted and smiled. He then started to try to play the piano; was the funniest thing I’ve seen in years.

“look play this” 

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