Marine never met her mother, never needed to, she had everything she had always wanted. When she discovers a dying mermaid outside her house, and the locket she protects, Marine's life will be turned upside down. For there is a prophesy, and it reads,

No one will know peace beneath the waves, until the queen's child, re-takes their place.

Marine doesn't know how or why, all she knows is that she shines, and the mermaid's locket, glows with her touch.


1. glow

The water lapped at my feet, kind of like the way a cat lapped it's lounge against a bowl of cream. The water felt warm and refreshing, I always wondered why that was. To others this water was freezing, I guess I just had warmer skin than they do, or colder. Not that it really mattered, it wasn't like I was a fish or anything. Though my dad joked about that often enough for me to think he must really like fish, either that or there was something that was making him nervous. My dad tended to mumble when he was nervous. Off in the distance stood the lighthouse, shining like the brightest star in the sky fallen to earth. I had always loved that lighthouse, or I guess it would be more accurate to say I love the story behind it. The story goes back to a few years ago, my dad used to tell me it as a bedtime story. Seventeen years ago a man worked at the light house, a terrible storm blew in and knocked the man off of the top floor of the tower. The man plunged into the sea, frozen water almost filled his lungs. At the last moment someone grabbed hold of the man and carried him to shore, even saved his life with CPR. When the man opened his eyes a beautiful young woman was staring down at him, hey eyes were a florescent blue and  her hair was long and blond. The young woman was beautiful but the most amazing part about her, was that she had a beautiful silver tail. The man was so astounded that he had been saved by a mermaid that when she asked him a favour, he agreed. The mermaid showed the man her child, she told the man that her baby girl was in danger and asked for him to keep her safe and raise her. The man agreed and the moment the baby mermaid touched his arms her gold sparkling blue and green tale transformed into legs, a tear escaped the mother's eyes before she dove back down into the water. Leaving behind her daughter. The scream of a seagull brought me back to present day. The water was now almost to my knees and I wondered how long I had been daydreaming for. I was about to turn and head home when I saw a faint glow in one of the caves. 

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