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  • Published: 4 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 6 Nov 2013
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Katherine didn't ask for any of this. She works for the boy band One Direction, which she loves, and has a foster sibling, whom she loves. But, what she didn't ask for finding out a dangerous secret. Now, she is constantly being watched, her conversations are being recorded, and she is being hunted. All because of on little piece of a puzzle that she just happened to figure out. According to her hunter, she can't live for another day.


5. Wrong make up


Two Weeks Later
"I don't see what the big deal is!" Harry said, "It's  just  a different color make up. My fans won't care."
"Yeah, but the press will. It's the wrong shade, you'll have a lighter face. Ugh! I can't believe I got  the wrong color. "
"Katherine, it's alright, just take a deep breath. See? All better now--"
"No! Not all better until I get the right make up, but this one took weeks to come in!" 
"Alright...Well...Can't I just use a different one? Or just not wear make up?"
"You're shooting a music video. You have to have make up on. And there is no other one...How could I be so stupid! Paul is going to kill me."
"I'm sure he won't care....Very much." Harry reassured me. I sighed, and looked at the bottle again. The wrong make up, the day they were shooting their new music video! Right then, someone burst through the door, I looked over and saw Louis. "What's the matter?" Harry asked.
"I just got a call from Paul, he'll be late. And the director is ready Harry, time to get a move one!" He said clapping. "Louis, you were there with me, was there any chance I got the wrong make up for Harry?" I asked him, he looked confused. "I don't think so, well I don't know. He can use mine, but we've got to go!" Then he ran out of the room. I got out Louis' make up and put it on Harry. It looked strange but better then the one I ordered would have looked. "Alright, done. Now you better go before a Louis has a melt down." I said, Harry chuckled and left. I put all the make up supplies away, for Harry had been the last of the boys. Then I got a call, picking up my phone, I read the caller ID, Ranger. I picked it up, "Hey." I said, "Hi, guess who was just found? Scout! But...guess who just went missing...My mother from the mental hospital--"
"Your mother is missing!?"
"Yeah... But they found Scout!"
"That's great! Where was she?"
"She was in a ditch...But don't get your hopes up...She was pretty wreaked... The doctors said they'll do what they can but there is no telling what could happen."
"I'm so sorry. Wait a minute, first Regina...Then Scout...Then your mother...Doesn't that seem like a pattern maybe?" He was silent, I went on. "What if it's just the people in your life...Could it be..." I was about to say his Father, but I knew that was a touchy subject. His father had been a psychopath killer, and his mum went crazy. That's why he became a foster kid. Ranger had never liked talking about his past, so he didn't very often. That's all I knew. 
"My father? No, he's still in jail. There's no way...Could there...? No...its not him..." He didn't sound so sure.  
"Well, he's the only one that knows the people involved in your life!" I exclaimed. I heard a thumping sound from across the line. "Ranger, what is that?"
"That's me banging my head on the wall."
"It can't be my dad! It just can't." Something was up, his dad had a history of randomly killing people. Why was it so hard for him to grasp that it  could  be his father? 
"Ranger...Have you been in contact with your dad?" I asked, but he didn't answer right away.

"Well...Sort of."
"Uh...What do you mean sort of?"
"I've kind of been in contact with him. I've only talked to him a few times...But he's not that bad, I mean, he is bad but he doesn't seem...I don't know its just hard to believe that he would just go out a kill someone."
"Ranger, I'm sorry, but he did. And you know he did."
"Yeah, I know. Anyway, you sounded like you had an idea on something."
"Um... oh yeah. It seems like they are only people that you know. I haven't heard any other missing people reports so it must be someone you know killing them. And that is most likely your father, I am sorry--"
"But how would he kill them? He's in jail!"
"People have friends..."
"Not my dad." I wasn't sure what to say. So I just replied, 
"Let's meet after I'm done. Well, I'm pretty much done now. So I'll meet you at Frosty's famous fudge place or whatever it's called."
"Frosty's Fabulous Fudge?"
"Yeah, meet you there in a half an hour."
"Alright, see you then."
"Yep, bye." Then I hung up. I went to my car and opened the door. I saw that Niall had noticed I was leaving through the window. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be leaving but I didn't really care. I drove to the fudge place. When I got there, I saw Ranger's car and parked next to it. I walked inside and saw Ranger talking to this random girl. He didn't look very happy, I walked over to him. "Hey Ranger," I said,
"Hey Kat. So, can we get our table now please?"
"Of coarse, just tell me your name." The girl said, she must have been a waitress.
"Ranger." He replied flatly.  She started giggling. 
"Ranger? That's a...strange...but cool name. What's it mean?"
"Look it up, now if you don't mind we'd like our table. So if we could stop this nonsense talk, that'd be great" He said strictly. She looked surprised,
"Well...yes, right this way." She led us to our table and we sat down. She stared at Ranger for a second then left. I looked at Ranger questioningly. "What gives cranky?"
"You know I don't like when people say something about my name." I knew he hated his name, I just never knew why. He had never wanted to talk about it. I wasn't about to ask him, but then he just volunteered the information. "I know you want to know about my name, and I guess I really should tell you why I hate it so much. Before I was born, my mother had no idea what my father did, killing people I mean. He always said he was hunting, So, when she had me, she named be Ranger, which means keeper of the forest. Because she thought he loved hunting. Same with Scout. Then, one day out of the blue my father told her that he killed her mother. She was heartbroken and that's how she got...You know... mentally disabled. That's why I hate my name. It stands for my father killing innocent people. I never told you because I was embarrassed. And I never changed my name because of the same reason."
"Ranger, I had no idea..." I said softly.
"And I didn't want you to. So I guess it worked." I nodded, not really knowing what to say. I knew he shouldn't have been so rude to the waitress but how was I supposed to tell him that after what his name meant? I guess he had a right to be angry but he didn't have to bring it out on other people. I was looking out the window, there was a tree right in front of it. I was examining it, then I gasped. There, I saw the mark that had been haunting us for weeks. It was carved into it, "Ranger, look there." I said, pointing to it. He looked and his eyes grew wide. "What...oh no." I sighed, knowing something bad was about to happen.

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