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  • Published: 4 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 6 Nov 2013
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Katherine didn't ask for any of this. She works for the boy band One Direction, which she loves, and has a foster sibling, whom she loves. But, what she didn't ask for finding out a dangerous secret. Now, she is constantly being watched, her conversations are being recorded, and she is being hunted. All because of on little piece of a puzzle that she just happened to figure out. According to her hunter, she can't live for another day.


4. The Hospital


I yelled for help, someone shortly came, got Regina and carried her to the ambulance. I kept the note in my pocket, what did I have that she wanted? Money? Food? I wasn’t sure. I walked back to the field and out of that dreaded woods. I was worried about Ranger; I was also worried about Scout. I had found that piece of paper at the bottom of the box with her name on it. I went over to one of the police men, “So, will they be alright?”
“The boy will, I’m not so sure about the girl. Her thumb is missing and she’s got infections everywhere from cuts. Do you know what happened to them?”
“Ranger was cut by someone, I’m not sure who. And the same person did all that to Regina.”
“Do you know who I should call?” He asked me, I shook my head. I didn’t know Regina’s parent’s numbers, but Scout… “Wait, yes I do.” I gave him Scout’s number. He thanked me and walked away. I went over to the ambulance that Ranger was in. I saw he was sitting up, awake, and I couldn’t help but smile. “Ranger” I said to him, making him aware of my presence. He looked over at me and smiled.
“Hey Kat,” I looked towards the doctor,
“Will he be alright?” I had already asked the policeman that but I wanted a second opinion.  The doctor smiled and nodded. “I think he will be just fine.”
“Can I ride in here?” I asked, already knowing the answer.
“I don’t think that’s the best idea for right now. How about you just meet us at the hospital okay?” The doctor said. I nodded, “I’ll see you there alright?” I said to Ranger, “Yeah, see you there.” Then the doctor shut the doors and I was left standing there. When they had left, I walked back to my car and drove over there. At least he would be alright, but Regina…
I got there a few minutes after they did; I walked up to the front lady. “Hello, my name is Katherine Ryder, or Kat Ryder, whichever. Anyway, I need Ranger Coleman’s room. I’m his sister, well, his foster sister. But, still sister, so…Can you give me his room number?” I wanted to smack myself. I was such an idiot! “I’m sorry, but it’s not allowed to just give someone’s room number out.” She answered, I nodded. “So, um, where is your bathroom?” She tilted her head towards the bathroom door. “Thanks.” I said, and then she got a phone call. I snuck away, ‘going to the bathroom.’ I wandered around for a bit, looking in all the rooms for Ranger or Regina. After about a hour of searching, I heard someone say behind me "You look lost." I wiped around and saw Ranger, I laughed and hugged him. "What are you doing? Shouldn't you go back to the doctor?" 
"I already saw him, I needed a couple of stitches but nothing bad."
"Well I'm glad you're alright. Did you get a chance to talk to Regina?"
"Yeah...I broke up with her."
I was shocked, "Broke up with her?! Why?!"
He shrugged, "She...I don't know...I just did."
"What did she say?"
"Nothing... She didn't say anything."
"Ranger...That was kind of cruel considering she spent the last few days being held and beaten by a psychopath. I thought you really liked her...?"
"I did, but searching for her made me realize that we would just be better off as friends."
"Okay... So, do I need to call anyone?  I told them to call Scout, I wonder where she is..." I said, looking around. "She probably doesn't know where I am." Ranger replied. I nodded, 
"I'll go look for her."
"I'll come with you."
"Are you allowed?"
"Who knows. Doesn't matter."
I nodded and we walked to the cafe that was in the hospital. When we got there, I scanned the room for Scout. I had only met her a couple times, but I knew what she looked like. So it was easy to find her in the corner. I waved to her, she looked up and smiled and waved at us. We walked over and sat down at her table. "Are you alright Ranger? What happened?"
"Yeah I'm fine, and I'm not really sure what happened, I was just standing there then BOOM I was on the ground and I felt pain in my arm."
"Didn't they give you anything for the pain?"
"I didn't want any. I don't like not remembering things."
She nodded, then said "Hey Kat." I laughed, 
Then someone behind me said. "Hello Ranger..." She said smoothly, but creepily . 
I turned around to see a girl, with long blonde hair and gray eyes. I looked back at Ranger, he looked uncomfortable. "Oh...hey, guys, this is Christy Whitehead. These are my sisters, Katherine and Scout."
"I know who they are." She smirked at me, "And I know your not his real sister." She said. "So Ranger, how's you...girlfriend...?" She said through gritted teeth. "Good...so I guess I'll catch you later." He said. She looked hurt, then a bit angry. She flipped her hair and left without another word. But she did turn around and stare at Scout and myself a bit. "Who was she? How do you know her?" Scout asked, 
"She was my girlfriend," He answered. I looked around the room, and I saw a policeman. That made me remember about the piece of paper, with Scout's name on it. "I'll be right back." I said and walked over to the policeman. He looked up at me as I approached him. "Hello, my name is Katherine Ryder, and I think one of my friend's is in danger." He smiled, "I'm sure he'll be alright, he's in a hospital isn't he?" 
"She isn't injured, but...did you know about the kidnapping? And how she was found?" He nodded, "Well, I know who they are after next. And I need you to get her in custody or something so she will be safe."  
"Who is next?" I pointed to Scout. He nodded, "I'm going to bring you down to the station, okay? We can bring your friend." 
"Thank you." I replied, he nodded and walked over to the table with Scout and Ranger. "Hello miss, I'm going to need you to come with me." He said to Scout, she looked at me pleadingly, "It's alright, he's here to help." I said, she nodded and got up. "What's going on?" Ranger asked, "Scout's next Ranger, we need to get her somewhere safe." His eyes got wider, "Next? What do you mean? Do you mean-" 
"Yes, the kidnapper is after her now." I said, but I was still worried about one thing. In the note, that said that the kidnapper gave us what we wanted so we had to give it what it wanted...well, if Ranger broke up with Regina, it might think that we don't 'want' her anymore and try to do something...Like kill her. We walked out of the cafe and he led us to his car. We got in and he drove us down to a police station. When we got there, he led us to a room. Where we were going to be questioned.
Three Hours Later
Scout was safe now, but she didn't like being held in a cell. She said she was like a prisoner, I tried to tell her it was to protect her, but she didn't really get it. She was sixteen, she didn't want to be held in a cell until the kidnapper was caught. I said I was sorry, but she didn't listen. After all that, I walked back to Ranger. "How is she?" He asked, "Hating every second of it. She won't listen to me when I say it's for her own good."
"I can understand that, she is just like I used to be.Well, we better get going." He said, I nodded and looked back at Scout. I felt really bad, but It was for her own good. Then I walked out with Ranger. I had no idea how to get back home, the policeman drove us here, and I had left my car at the hospital. "Ugh, how are we going to get home?" I asked, "I have no idea..." He replied. We saw a taxi drive by and waved to it. When it stopped, we jumped in and told him where we wanted to go. I was just going to crash at Ranger's place we decided. When we got back, I hoped right on the couch and fell asleep. 
A few hours later I woke up, I noticed my legs were on top on Ranger, he was sitting up on the couch, watching something. He looked worried, I rubbed my eyes and sat up. "What's the matter?" I asked, 
"Scout, she got out." I was stunned, how did she do that?
"What? How?"
"She pretended like she was having a panic attack, they rushed in to help her and she ran out the door."
"So where is she now?"
"They don't know, and they told me not to go looking for her. She'll come back in the morning. I'm sure."
I closed my eyes, I should have known this would happen. I tried to fall asleep again, but I couldn't. A few hours later, my phone rang. I picked it up, "Hello?" I whispered because Ranger was asleep. "Hello, are you Katherine Ryder?"
"Well, we are sorry to inform you that Regina Bore has passed away. The infections were just to much for her body. But we did find strange marks on her wrists. Something like a circle, with some lines. Again, we are sorry." I hung up right there. Regina was dead, I hadn't even known her that well...This was tragic. I blinked tears out of my eyes as I saw Ranger peacefully sleeping next to me. He was going to be crushed, even though he broke her heart yesterday. And the kidnapper did it, she had the symbol on her wrists. It was all the killer's fault, first Regina, who next? Scout? Ranger? I shook Ranger awake. "What's the matter?" He asked sleepily, "Regina...she's dead." I said, he woke up then. "Regina's...dead?" He said, I nodded, "I'm so sorry Ranger." He shrugged but I knew he was upset. "And...the kidnapper did it. They found that symbol on her wrists." He looked up at me, "That means....Scout...." I closed my eyes and nodded. "I'm sure the police will find her." I said, but I wasn't to sure. The only reason we had gotten Regina back was because the kidnapper...well, killer now, had thought we had something that it wanted. I knew it wasn't a good idea to break up with her... I just hoped that when the police found Scout...If they found her, that she would be alive. 


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