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  • Published: 4 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 6 Nov 2013
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Katherine didn't ask for any of this. She works for the boy band One Direction, which she loves, and has a foster sibling, whom she loves. But, what she didn't ask for finding out a dangerous secret. Now, she is constantly being watched, her conversations are being recorded, and she is being hunted. All because of on little piece of a puzzle that she just happened to figure out. According to her hunter, she can't live for another day.


6. Ranger is an idiot

"Whenever we see that, someone dies or goes missing. And...Scout...She's missing." Ranger said. I knew she was going to die. My eyes started watering just thinking about it. How could his father kill his own daughter? This sick game was killing me. I wanted no part of it. "We need to go. Now." Ranger said. I looked at him questioningly. "Just trust me." I nodded and we got up and left. I walked out to the car with Ranger following me. "Ranger, what's the matter?" 
"Don't look now, but that man over in the corner has been following us."
"Why didn't you tell me?! That could be one of your father's 'friends'!"
"I didn't think it was. Until now...Anyway, we should really go now."
"But our license plate. He could tell where we live and find us."
"Then let's get a taxi."
"Well, we can't go back home. Again, he could follow us and find us."
"Then what are we going to do?"
I looked over at the guy in the bushes, trying to hide. Or was he trying to hide? He was in all black, but his face was showing. If he was going to stalk us, shouldn't he make it a little less obvious? He started to pull something out and point it at us. I squinted my eyes to try to get a better look. My eyes widened again when I say it was a gun. "Don't move a single muscle in your body unless I say to duck." I whispered to Ranger. He froze right away. I heard the man cock his gun. POW! "DUCK!" I screamed with all my lung power. He ducked as fast as he could and I did the same. Luckily, it missed us. Unluckily, he came after us. "Run!" I yelled and started to run across the rode. Hoping that Ranger was following me. I ran as fast as I could, my legs kept going at speeds I didn't even know I could accomplish. But on the down side, I started to get tired. But I kept going, I took a quick glance behind me to see if Ranger was following me, he was but he was quite a ways behind me. "Hurry!" I screeched, I ran into the woods. I looked behind me again to see if the man was still chasing us. I couldn't see for sure but I had a feeling he was. I saw a tree that I could climb to rest my limbs. I started to climb it slowly, but I was making progress. Ranger came up and I looked down at him. "Ranger! Hurry we need to get away!" He started to climb too, but he wasn't very fast. I saw the man coming. I climbed faster, Ranger saw him too and picked up the pace a little bit, but not much. The man kept shooting but he kept missing. He didn't even look like he was really aiming for Ranger. It seemed like he was only aiming for me. And the strange thing was, this whole time he was laughing. Not just like a chuckle but like a deep laugh. I didn't get it, why was he laughing? What was so funny about him trying to kill us? I made it to the top of the tree and Ranger was right behind me. "Hey! Come down right now or I'll kill you!" We were silent, the man tried climbing the tree but failed at every attempt. He would fall on his back and just lie there, laughing his head off. It was scaring me, I had a feeling that I was going to die. I had to accept that, I was going to die. Ranger read my thoughts, "We're not going to die Katherine, I won't let you die."
"I don't think we can help it." I whispered back at him.
"Hey! Dumb ass!" Ranger yelled at him.
"Ranger!" I whispered loudly, what was he doing?
"You look like the find of idiot that would wait down there for hours waiting for us to come down!" He yelled. The man looked like he was getting mad. "Stop it Ranger!" I barked at him. 
"Just watch, it will work." He whispered to me. I didn't believe him. The man started climbing up the tree, but he wasn't laughing anymore and he certainly wasn't failing to get high up. He was climbing at remarkable speeds, Ranger had done it this time. He was gone to far. "Yeah, come and get us. You bastard!" If the man didn't kill him, I was going to. 
"Ranger! Shut up!" I screeched. He was going to get has both killed! The man was coming up and he had almost reached us. But then, he stopped, pulled out his gun, and cocked it. He was trying to get a good aim on my forehead when Ranger yelled "JUMP!"

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