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  • Published: 4 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 6 Nov 2013
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Katherine didn't ask for any of this. She works for the boy band One Direction, which she loves, and has a foster sibling, whom she loves. But, what she didn't ask for finding out a dangerous secret. Now, she is constantly being watched, her conversations are being recorded, and she is being hunted. All because of on little piece of a puzzle that she just happened to figure out. According to her hunter, she can't live for another day.


13. It will be okay (Blue)

Hours pass by, and no one shows. I'm not sure what happened to the police, the man on the phone must have been a little confused. Ranger is slipping in and out of consciousness, he dozes softly at the moment, his head resting in my lap. My boredom is becoming more annoying by the minute, I find myself humming to a song Ranger and I used to listen to as kids, well, teenagers, it was our favorite. 
"Yo listen up, here's a story, about a little guy who lives in a blue world" I whisper, a smile plastered on my face from the memories we have together.
"We're going to be okay" And somehow, I know it's the truth.
I continue to sing Blue by Eiffel 65 to myself, when Ranger starts to grin.
My eyes widen "Are you awake?" 
"I am now" He smiles,
I groan, "Did you hear me singing?" 
He nods, "you're an amazing singer."
"Well that's the last time you'll ever hear me sing." Oh crap. "I mean cause, I'm like...never singing to you again." I try and cover up, it sounded as if I thought he was going to die. But he isn't going to. I know he's not. 
"Come on, just a little longer? I want to be able to sleep"
"You really shouldn't be sleeping...I don't think...I don't know I'm not a doctor."
I sigh, "fine,"
He smiles a little weaker, "Thank you."
I clear my throat jokingly, but before I can start, Ranger interrupts, "Wait Katherine, one last thing."
"Yeah?" I answer, staring down into his face. He looks up at me, 
"I know you aren't my sister, I am aware of that." He laughs gently "I love you"
"I love you too" I reply, taking his hand in mine. I'm not sure what else to say so I just begin to sing the same song. He closes his eyes, fading into sleep. 
I stare up at the ceiling while I sing, hoping the police would show up soon. 
About twenty minutes pass with no sign of any help. Ranger has fallen asleep but I try not to look at him. I know he loves me, but is he in love with me? I don't know if I should believe Christy, she is a lying bitch after all. 
What are my feelings towards him? I don't want to think about it, I just want the police to come and help us.
After about another hour, I start to get bored again, and decide to wake Ranger up. The police can't be that far away now. 
I look down at him, he looks so peaceful. 
"Ranger..." I smile, rubbing his shoulder. "Wake up, the police must be close by now." 
He has always been a deep sleeper. 
"Ranger" I laugh, "come on, wake up. Wakey wakey eggs and bacy. Remember when we used to say that? I don't understand how 'bacy' is in anyway related to 'bacon' but it's cute. Okay, wake up Ranger." 
I frown, "Ranger?"
Realization hits me like a ton of bricks. I scramble to lift my hand from his, and check his pulse. 
My breaths become quick. 
"No..." I start to shake, my whole body tightens as my fingertips rest on a flat, non beating vein. 
"Ranger?" I whisper, but there is no response. 
"RANGER!" I scream, tears falling down my face, "RANGER WAKE UP. RANGER COME ON THIS ISN'T FUNNY" He's just playing around trying to scare me. I shake him, hard, but there is no movement. 
My mouth preys open, as I begin to scream. He can't be dead. 
"RANGER WAKE UP" I pull his head up to my chest and begin to rock back and forth. 
"Ranger! Wake up! Come on!" I take his hand again, "Ah....ah.... " Tears stream down my cheeks. 

Mark (Police Man) POV

The call we had gotten from that girl had been strange, so we decided to get right on it. 
We've been searching for the past three hours, but we finally think we have located it. 
Our sirens sound as we speed to the destination, arriving after thirty minutes. 
We approach the door carefully before the medics rush in.
After the door is opened, I see a young girl, rocking back and forth in the corner of the room.
I walk up to her, scooting down on my knees to get to her level. 
"What happened?" I ask, before I spot her grasping onto a boy.
"He's dead" She whispers, not making eye contact with me. 
"Let me help you..." I stretch out my hand to take the boy's arm.
"NO!" She hollers at me, "DON'T TOUCH HIM."
"Okay, but we need to see him, just for a few minutes okay?" 
"NO!" One of her hands is grasping onto the boy's hand, the other is balled in his shirt. 
"Guys" I turn around to face the crew as they search the play, I nod towards her and two start to walk over.
"YOU CAN'T TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME!" She screeches. The two crew members take the back of her arms and lift her up. She tries to yank her arms from their grip as the medics get the boy. 
"Wait" I stop them, she needs something. I jog over to the dead boy, and remove one of his shoes.
"What the hell are you doing?" One of them asks but I ignore him. I take off his sock and ball it up before walking back over to her, she is crying, more than crying, she's balling. I stick the sock in her hand, she clings to it, a gross sock, I wonder what this boy meant to her. I exit the station, and make my way to the car. Wondering what happened in there and wondering if that girl would ever recover. 

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Maybe in the future I will make a second book. Like what happened after, or if there is anything between Harry and Katherine in years to come. I don't know. But, anyway, hope you liked it, and...yeah!

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