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  • Published: 4 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 6 Nov 2013
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Katherine didn't ask for any of this. She works for the boy band One Direction, which she loves, and has a foster sibling, whom she loves. But, what she didn't ask for finding out a dangerous secret. Now, she is constantly being watched, her conversations are being recorded, and she is being hunted. All because of on little piece of a puzzle that she just happened to figure out. According to her hunter, she can't live for another day.


7. Authors Note

Hey guys! Thank you so much for reading my book, it means so much :)
I just wanted to say sorry I haven't updated in so long and I'm deciding if I should even continue writing this book. It's just that, I haven't really got the time anymore. School has been horrible to me and it takes up my whole day. So I literally have no time to write. 
But I might keep writing, I'm just trying to decide. 
I also wanted to say that I'm sorry for cursing, I know some people don't like it, but I just wanted everyone to know that Ranger was trying to get the man guy dude mad. If Ranger said "Your face is ugly!" It wouldn't really insult the dude like a swear would. 
Ranger: I chose to curse! I just wanted to get him mad so we could jump!
K.K.: Well, I can tell some people didn't like that
Ranger: Well...I swear sometimes. Not my fault.
K.K.: Yeah, it kind of is. 
Ranger: Whatever, think what you want. I don't care. 
K.K.: You seem a bit moody.
Ranger: Well, I did just hear that my sister is missing and my girlfriend was MURDERED
K.K.: You make a valid point
Ranger: Yes, I do. 
K.K.: So, how's it going?
Ranger: As I just said, I just heard that my sister is missing and my girlfriend was MURDERED
K.K.: Right... Ummm yeah. I've been doing well. Not that you asked. Schools been harsh...But yeah.
Ranger: Yeah, same here.
K.K.: So um... you and Katherine...
Ranger: My girlfriend was murdered and now you think I've got a thing for Katherine? You sicken me.
K.K.: I'm just saying...
Ranger: Well no. She's like a sister to me. That would be weird
K.K.: Alright... But I know how you think Ranger... I know every little detail in your life, I am your MOTHER
Ranger: Okay...
K.K.: Yes...Let THAT sink in. 
Ranger: Okay...
K.K.: Well, I see that is the only word you can say now?
Ranger: I've only said it twice. What have you been drinking?
K.K.: Water.
Ranger: What was in the water?
K.K.: Well I don't know...water particles or something. 
Ranger: Um...right.
K.K.: Have you ever taken the mickey out of someone?
Ranger: Yes
K.K.: Well then you know what I'm doing now don't you? Don't you? 
Ranger: You need to stop drinking water particles
Anyway, soooo yeah. I'm a bit strange... :)
Thanks, lots of love x

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