Dirty Minds and Dirty Things +13

Hailee Delany is an average popular girl, but with some weird quirks like she has a very dirty mind (like me!!!!) she likes to work on cars and she a very big obsession with One Direction. What happens when she meets them and what dirty things do they do? Read this to find out!


1. Introduction

Hi, I am Hailee Delany, I am 17 and in grade 11, I am your basic popular girl you see in the movies. I am a cheerlaeder (captin), president of the student council, blonde, blue eyed girl, "5.7". There are many other things about me that some people don't even know like, I like to work on cars with my dad, I am a videogamer, I have glasses but, I wear contcts and I love to wrestle. Will people ever find out my secret or will it stay a secret forever?

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