Ground Floor

I wrote this for a school book club competition. It's my first Movellas story, and I really want to see what people think! Please leave a comment so I know what to improve on.


2. Falling

Let me start with a little info about myself. I live on planet Earth, a small but accommodating planet found within the Milky Way, and I am writing this in the year 2104. So far we’ve been doing OK, considering the population of roughly 600 billion. We cram ‘em in; the average skyslicer’s now about 330 storeys – mostly apartments. Nobody I know lives lower than the 100th floor, and nobody I’ve heard of past the 50th – it’s too dangerous. And what’s down there? Nobody knows, nobody asks. The ccientizts - the moody white-coated hominid droids that are always predicting apocalypse - they don’t have a clue. I mean, really. They reckon they can predict when the world will explode or our supplies will run out (last Monday a year ago if you want to know), but a simple matter like what we’re living above doesn't bother them. And do I care? Well, not usually. But as I felt the jolt of my hover-bubble’s engine stop, and the capsule turn up and deposit me into the air below, and the air whoosh past as I picked up speed and began to fall, the sight of my apartment’s patio spinning away triggered a numb feeling. I was tired of not knowing. I wasn't scared, because I was fine. The fact that I couldn’t breathe through the smog and I was choking was fine. The fact that I was hurtling towards the ground and would almost certainly die in the fall was fine. The fact that I would never see anything I had previously been used to again was fine. I felt a pain growing in my chest as the air refused to move past my lips, which were by now turning blue. I carried on falling, and spun so I was facing the ground. It wasn’t so far away now, and the sight of a solid end to the building I lived in was strange. I kept my eyes open as it approached, but it made no difference as my head clouded and the smoke crept into my eyes, until all I could see was black. My last thought: “I’m about to hit the ground, and I can’t see a thing.”  Then my brain just, switched off.

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