Dear Diary Its Me .

Okay my mum thinks its a good idea to do this so why not :) x

I don't blame you for avoiding it my life is strange ...


10. Three years gone by...

19th March 2016

Dear Diary, 

                  It's been four years since I started this diary. So much has changed. I have been diagnosed with a mental illness, I've went through three boyfriends, two court cases and multiple best friends.My life has changed so much. The boy I first wrote about broke my heart by cheating on me multiple times, I broke it off with the guy after him for my current boyfriend who was so worth it. I turned 18! I have learned so much in these four years. I learned who my friends were, how smart I was... Who I was... So it turns out I'm someone completely different now, I gained weight, lost then regained confidence and best of all I'm so much happier! 


thank you for reading everyone xo 

Bethany xo

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