Dear Diary Its Me .

Okay my mum thinks its a good idea to do this so why not :) x

I don't blame you for avoiding it my life is strange ...


3. Snowball Fights and Mischief


 I was kinda hoping today would had been uneventful. Boy was I wrong. It wasn't the usual arguing with Jake. It was the almost kiss with Matt. Yeah ... In my defence I did say no. We were just walking down to the the green when I mentioned about my cool Junior friend (I'm a Sophomore) and Matt is a Senior. When he turned and said hey I'm your cool Senior friend. I just laughed and trying to walk on when he pulled back my arm and said I'm much better than her. We argued about it for a few minuted before I surrendered and told him he was better than Amy. We then walked about another 10 paces before he grabbed my hand and stopped us again. "Can I be your best friend" He asked. I laughed and replied saying that Rachel was my best friend. So he replied with "Can I be your guy best friend" He had turned and faced me by that point. I just nodded when he began to lean in . I moved back and said a simple no. He asked why. I just said Jake. Matt and Jake hate each other so they like to wind each other a lot. Coincidently its me they are using to annoy each other this week. Matt tried about three times but I still said no. I then walked around the corner to see Jake walked around with his friends. I automatically felt guilty . I told him and then yelled at Matt ... so yeah. 


BooBear_Nialler xo

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