Dear Diary Its Me .

Okay my mum thinks its a good idea to do this so why not :) x

I don't blame you for avoiding it my life is strange ...


8. Kara

Okay this is about you Kara. You were my kermy (Kermit the Frog) and I was your Miss Piggy. Eventually we came up with more couple names like Phineas and Isabella and Hermione and Ron. I know its childish but its what we do. She was my best friend and now she has Elena ... So yeah :( x



Dear Diary,

                  I haven't seen Jake in about a week but when he last came up it was dramatic. One of Matt's friends was coming to collect something from my house while Jake was up and i was kinda hoping he wouldn't bring Matt with him ... And he did ... So Matt was casually insulting Jake at the door until ... I hit him and slammed the door on his face. My days of being a pacifist are over thanks to the idiot .

soo yeah ...



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