Dear Diary Its Me .

Okay my mum thinks its a good idea to do this so why not :) x

I don't blame you for avoiding it my life is strange ...


6. Just incase your confused.

Okay i am so confused cause i changed most of the names on this is heres the names and who they are to me.


Me - I'm Bethan but people call me Beth :) x

Matt - My guy best friend / ex Boyfriend .
Jake - My amazing boyfriend :) x
Rachel - My best Friend for 4 years :) x
Leon - Ellies Boyfriend
John - My Youth Club Buddie :D
Amy - My Fifth Year Friend :)
Ellie - I hate this girl but she makes good company
Leon - My new friend he just moved here this year.
Peter - Annoying Freak


New People are :

Perrie - This annoying attention freak .
Kara - My kermy (will be explained (WBE) )
Lewis - My annoying ex bestfriend
Elena - I Hate Her With A Passion (WBE)


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