Dear Diary Its Me .

Okay my mum thinks its a good idea to do this so why not :) x

I don't blame you for avoiding it my life is strange ...


2. Jealousy is the Worst quality


Dear Diary,
                  Jealousy is honestly the worst quality. Today was almost as dramatic as yesterday. Jake honestly has to get over his jealousy of my and Matt. Im not a smoker but all my frienda are so im usually very tolerant of smokers but today when I saw Jake pick one up and starts smoking I just got so pissed off. Matt smokes so I'm used to standing next to it but I was so annoyed. We had the next class together and wow it was awkward. But it wasn't the smoking that pissed me off it was the refusing to come near me when I was with Matt that annoyed me, So at lunch I ignored him and went and studied in Maths. I avoided and hid from him all day until I had to go to my locker. I was dreading it so much. I walked over to my locker to see him standing over next to the stairs. He never even looked at me. I saw Matt standing waiting for me at the lockers. I ran to give him a hug so he could go to some meeting he has. Then ran over to Ellie and she wanted to go but i waited on Leon ... who was waiting there ... and that was Jake if you didn't guess. We walked down the corridors silently and as we were walking out the door Jake disappears and walked out the other door at the other side of the school. By this point I was angry and annoyed so I took my rage out on BBM (Blackberry Messanger). Posting things about how I was done with it all and stuff and just being generally mean to people. Not like bullying but like aiming BC's and stuff . Like 'I hate you' and stuff. Nothing mean, Eventually he asked me about everything and we sorted it out. I go to a youth club with my friends from school and today my best friends ex-boyfriend John was there. John is lovely , He's polite and a real gentleman. So me and Jake are okay now and stuff :)


Boo_Bearnialler xox

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