Dear Diary Its Me .

Okay my mum thinks its a good idea to do this so why not :) x

I don't blame you for avoiding it my life is strange ...


1. Two Loves, One Heart ?


Dear Diary, 

                Its finally December. I love December... Well except the part of exams and stuff. I'm counting the days till they end. 17 days in counting. Hopefully there will be no drama over the holidays. I'm done with drama . Is it just me that this happens to ? When ever I like a boy another comes along and ill like them and then the first one comes back and tries it again . Oh its so confusing. Like for instance *Matt and I have been friends for ever but me and *Jake have known each other for four years. They both hate each other (Cliché I know) so its hard being best friends with them both as they cant stand being near each other.  I love them both but they make it so hard sometimes. They both are super annoying and are completely alike but I wouldn't tell them. Jack is extremely jealous of Matt because me and Matt click. Not like romantically but we are good friends. Oh yeah something else I forgot to mention Jake is my boyfriend. So yeah ... He believes that Matt is trying to spilt us up and stuff which I do agree with after today. Today was definitely the worst day yet. See,  Matt likes to wind Jake up anyway he can. So me and Matt were messing about  as usual when he hits out with " So what's happening with you and Jake then ?" I just replied with a smile. Jake was no where in sight. "So your serious" He asked. I said yes and looked down. He then asked me if many people knew I said everyone knew . Then the next part took me by surprise  He then leaned in and said ' So i couldn't get away with kissing you then could I' I just shook my head as I was in shock. We didn't really talk much on the way back to school but we walked hand in hand like usually but as soon as I saw Jake I ripped my hand away and ran over too him. Feeling ever so guilty I ran back over to Matt and explained to him that Jake comes first. So yeah .. thats how today was ...


*For the purpose of my pride and so no-one knows who I am I'm going to change all the names.

BooBear_Nialler xox 

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