Watching From The Crowd...

Ariana Joesph used to be there for Niall Horan all the time.
But then something very out of the blue happens, and Ariana and Niall lose contact.
Niall is upset, and doesn't know how to get out his feelings, but by then, him and is bandmates are already auditioning for X-Factor.

Before he knows it, he's famous.
That's when he comes across something.
Hit, Or Complete Miss?


6. Chapter 6

Waiting for Niall and Callie to arrive at her house in order to walk to school, made her heart beat so fast, she almost threw it up and out of her mouth. She was so scared that they'd ignore her, and they wouldn't want anything else to do with her, even though they were both her best mates.

There was a sudden sharp ring, and Ariana raced to answer the door. There, stood both Niall and Callie, both red-faced and blowing about in the wind. Ariana almost cracked a smile, and that's when she remembered that she wouldn't see them again.

"Uh, just let me get my bag".

Ariana raced through the house to the kitchen where she usually kept her bag, and she made her way out the door with a slam.

"How you doing?" Niall asked, entwining his fingers in Ariana's. Ariana shrugged. The small breeze blew her hair in her face, and the light frost over the front lawns and slightly icy paths gave her such a chill, even though the sun was blazing down on them.

"What do you mean *shrug* " Callie asked impatiently, swinging her bag on her shoulder like a 5 year old.

"I mean, I'm moving. But this time, for real. New York State. America".

Callie and Niall exchanged serious glances, and burst out laughing.

"You have to be kidding, right?"

Ariana shook her head. She almost lost it at the fact they both didn't believe her, but then she imagined leaving behind nothing at all, and turned to face towards them.

"I ain't kidding. My dad's been offered a job. I have to move".

Callie wrapped her arms around Ariana, and kissed her on the cheek.

"Everything'll be alright my little Ari-angel. New York's a great place. But I'm gonna miss yah for real. I think I'm gonna...-"

Callie blinked furiously, but it didn't stop the tears from falling down her red cheeks. She blew the hair out of her face, but that made her cry even more.

Niall looked as equally upset. But most of all...disappointed.

"It's alright, Niall, I get to watch your X-factor thing. Mum and dad gave me extended flight tickets. A promise is a promise, Nialler".

He gave me a grin, but he had glistning eyes all the same.

"New York, eh? Hah, you'll love it. Me and mum went there last Summer. It's great".

"But Niall, it isn't for summer. It's permenant. I can't live without you guys. It won't be the same. I'll totes get bullied for my accent".

"Actually, when I was there, many people found it interesting. They asked me tons of questions"

"But Nialler, your Irish. They'll call me Queenie 'cause of Lizzie. You know that".

Both Niall and Callie bit their lips. It was like they were mirrors, and they weren't even related.

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