Watching From The Crowd...

Ariana Joesph used to be there for Niall Horan all the time.
But then something very out of the blue happens, and Ariana and Niall lose contact.
Niall is upset, and doesn't know how to get out his feelings, but by then, him and is bandmates are already auditioning for X-Factor.

Before he knows it, he's famous.
That's when he comes across something.
Hit, Or Complete Miss?


4. Chapter 4

With hot, angry tears and a nasty gut feeling shooting through her, Ariana shoved her chair out of the way, and thundered up the stairs. She was surprised they didn't break, and she was shocked that she herself didn't break anything.

She flumped on her bed and began to pummle her fists against the soft cushion, and cry into her old teddy bear. Moving to America was something she'd always wished for, but something she'd do when she was older, and maybe even Niall would move in with her too...

The thought of leaving Niall made her cry and punch faster and harder, and she almost threw up. The throwing up signal stopped her crying altogether, and instead, she sobbed with a large box of tissues beside her.

Before she did anything else, her door snapped open and her mother stood in front of her, with a plate and a card. Ariana growled at her, and threw the cushion, but her mum dodged lightning fast, and wasn't even close to dropping the plate.

"You know, if you weren't human, I'd actually say you were a Vampire" Ariana mumbled, and her mum laughed, and slid the plate onto Ariana's bed.

"Honey, I know your angry, but this is all for your father. He's been offered a higher graded job in the department, surely your happy?"

Ariana felt herself grunt. Who wanted to be happy when she was going to leave everything she ever loved? Niall, friends, shops, house, Britain, Ireland, England, Cornwall... the list went on. Ariana didn't feel up for saying anything though. All she did was bite into the sandwich on the plate, and waved her mum away.

But her mum stayed, a frown creasing her forehead.

"Ariana, don't you feel the least bit lucky, or even pleased for your father? He's worked hard since the day he was offered that job! You've told me for years going to New York was a dream of yours! Yet, you just seem to shove it back in our faces. We are moving, and there is nothing at all you can say or do too change our minds!"

Her tone and stern looks were truthful. Nothing Ariana could do would change their minds. Her dad was offered a higher job, and her mother was right behind him. But Ariana didn't want to feel grateful. She wanted to be angry, and moody to her parents until the day arrived. But at that moment, she couldn't help but feel guilty, and sad, and the fact that she was going to have to tell everybody at school tomorrow was...even worse.

"Okay, mum, I get your point. No mind-changing. But let me tell you one thing. I promised Niall I would be there for him when he sung on the stage of X-factor, and now I can't even be in the country to celebrate. He'll get through, I know it. But I wont be the one to congratulate him. My sorry New York ass will".

With that, her mum left in a huff, muttering things Ariana didn't ever want to repeat. Instead, she began to feel the sobs rise back in her throat, and shoved away the sandwich and un-opened card, and snuggeled down in her bed.

Tomorrow, was going to suck.

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