Watching From The Crowd...

Ariana Joesph used to be there for Niall Horan all the time.
But then something very out of the blue happens, and Ariana and Niall lose contact.
Niall is upset, and doesn't know how to get out his feelings, but by then, him and is bandmates are already auditioning for X-Factor.

Before he knows it, he's famous.
That's when he comes across something.
Hit, Or Complete Miss?


3. Chapter 3

Her dad dropped his briefcase on the kitchen counter, with what-looked like, no thought at all, and took a seat beside Ariana.

"I think I came home just in time, didn't I?"

Ariana shot him her most lost and confuesed look. She had absolutly no idea what they were both going on about. It could have been anything from moving, to somebody close dying. Or maybe her dad lost his job and they were going to have to use a council house...

"Ariana, were moving".

Oh. That one.

Ariana had no idea where, and guessed it wasn't somewhere too far. Her dad had a brilliant job, and he wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. They'd moved twice already, but that was only down the street.

"Oh, cool, where?"

That's when her father's face changed. He wasn't plain anymore, he was almost close to tears. When Ariana glanced at her mother, she too, was holding back water.

"If it's only down the street, I'm cool..."

"Ariana, listen to me. Were moving. Away. Far, far away. Were going to New York. We've found a lovely building close too..."


Ariana was now standing up, with her hands in the air. She felt hot, but not because of the heating. It was because of red, hot, fiery anger. They couldn't move! New York was too far away! How would she stay in contact with Niall? Her old friends from Primary were tricky enough to stay in contact with! What if Niall lost her number, or completely forgot about her! They wouldn't see each other ever again. He'd fade, just like the sun did every evening. Except, it'd be completely different. He wouldn't fade, then appear. He'd just...fade forever.

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