Watching From The Crowd...

Ariana Joesph used to be there for Niall Horan all the time.
But then something very out of the blue happens, and Ariana and Niall lose contact.
Niall is upset, and doesn't know how to get out his feelings, but by then, him and is bandmates are already auditioning for X-Factor.

Before he knows it, he's famous.
That's when he comes across something.
Hit, Or Complete Miss?


2. Chapter 2

Ariana and Niall walked home in the setting sun. Niall was tipping from his heel to the balls of his feet, and Ariana was skipping. They looked like children, but Ariana didn't mind. As soon as they'd reached Ariana's front gate, the smile on Niall's face disapered.

He almost looked disapointed.

"Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow. We have got school. Uh...see yah".

Niall smiled, and continued walking down the street, until he was out of sight. Ariana made her way up the front path, a slight breeze chilling her. She pushed open the front door and was met by a sudden blast of warm air, and that set a violent shiver up her spine.

"Mum, I'm home!" she called, shutting the door. There was no reply, and Ariana walked down the corridor and into the kitchen. No-body, apart from the cat, were in view.

"Mum! You home?" she called again, this time jogging through the whole house. As soon as she placed a foot on the first step of their rather long stairway, her mum bobbed into view on the landing.

"Sorry, Ari, I was working in the loft. The only thing I could hear was that blasted door slamming".

Her mum pounded down the creaking staircase, and met Ariana with a hug.  Ariana pulled back, coughing slightly.

"You...should probably clean yourself before you come...anywhere near me". Ariana held her hand to her mouth for a couple more seconds, and let her hand drop to her side.

"Hey, wait..."

"Now come on Ariana, into the kitchen".

Her mum steered her down the hall and into the kitchen, where the cat invaded the table. Her mum shooed Silvery away until she was out the cat-flap and into the garden, and pulled a seat our for Ariana.

"Uh, mum? You look like your gonna say something bad..."

A strike of panic and confuesion shot through Ariana like a violent eletric shock, stunning her for a moment. Something bad was going to happen. Ariana began to guess to her mother, but her mum shushed her with a single finger to the lip.

"If you keep cutting in, I won't be able to tell you, will I? Just wait until your father comes home, alright? He'll be here in..."

Before she could finish, there was the slam of the door, and the familiar jingle of the keys, and her dad walked down the hallway and into the kitchen. His eyes were drooping, and his face was pale, like he hadn't had sleep at all.

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