Watching From The Crowd...

Ariana Joesph used to be there for Niall Horan all the time.
But then something very out of the blue happens, and Ariana and Niall lose contact.
Niall is upset, and doesn't know how to get out his feelings, but by then, him and is bandmates are already auditioning for X-Factor.

Before he knows it, he's famous.
That's when he comes across something.
Hit, Or Complete Miss?


1. Chapter 1

Ariana always felt something strange whenever Niall was around. He had that cheeky smile, and the wind always blew his hair in the same direction, and it made him look...nice. She had no idea whether he had the same feeling, but she didnt dare ask him.

At that moment, Niall turned towards her, and gave her a sweet, warm smile, that told her nothing but 'Were friends, and I love that'. She returned the smile, and let the breeze cool her face from the afternoon sun.

"You know what? Me and the boys are gonna go for it. What do you think?"

He gave her a different look this time, something more realistic. Something that told her 'Tell me now, and I'll give up'.

"I...I think it's great. You guys have the voices, the looks, the..."


"Yeah, exactly. That's why your gonna be famous, Nialler".

As soon as the words left her mouth, she could tell she'd made him happy. He gave her an amazingly big grin it was almost surreal, but Ariana laughed in reply, and slapped him playfully on the arm.

Then he slapped her back, and they ended up in a tangle. A big, laughing tangle. Niall pulled himself away, and suddenly kissed her on the cheek.

"Thanks, Ariana. You've always been there for me".

Ariana knew from that moment on, the feeling she always experienced... was love.

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