Life after death

Ora was just a normal girl with normal life. Her dream was to meet 1D. One day her dream came true. But something else happened too. Something unexpected. Something that changed her life...


3. The secret is reviled

"Ok, Ora, this will seem very, very wired but...I'm a vampire." I couldn't belive it "What!?" "I'm a vampire." "Yes i heard you very clearly I just can't belive it." "Well you better do cause it's true. I'm a vampire." "So you're a vampire. Like Twilight vampire?" "Yea, kind of... Only better." I'm a fan of Twilight so... "Yea, right. What could posibly be better than Twilight?" "Reallity, Ora, reallity." he laughed and then he looked at me for a moment. There was something wired about him: the way he looked at me and how he laughed. "Ha, ha. I'm gonna show you something." he took me . He putted me on his back like mom monkey puts her child. Then he jumped trough the window on the street. He runned so fast. I couldn't even imagine what a rush could it be before now. It was such a good feeling. He jumped high, on the building. Then he runned again and jumped on another one and then another and another. He jumped so fast and high. It was incredible. He jumped on the street again and puted me down. We both laughed. Then we stoped. He looked me deeply in the eyes and I meelt in his eyes. He got closer and so did I. He holded my hand and stroked my cheek. I got surprised cause he wasn't cold. He was actually very warm. It felt good. We were just about to kiss but then we heard someone near us. There were 2 men holding and drinking beer. They were drunk. I looked at them closely and reconized them. They were those 2 men who attacked me, chased me and hitted me with a car. Louis was very mad. "Ora stay away." he said. "Louis don't!" I knew he wanted to kill them "Ora, stay away!" "No, Louis, don't!" he pushed me on the ground. "Ora, I'm sorry. I told you to stay away." He got even madder now. "Louis don't. I begg you. The police is coming. Please don't." He didn't listen. He runned to them. He's gonna kill them now. The police will come and see him. His secret will be reviled. I'm gonna lose him. This is just not good.


Hope u like it ;)If u do then read the next chapter when I write it.

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