Life after death

Ora was just a normal girl with normal life. Her dream was to meet 1D. One day her dream came true. But something else happened too. Something unexpected. Something that changed her life...


2. Secret

I couldnt help my self shouting."Omg!Omg!Omg!I can't belive it!It's you,it's you,it's you!!!You are Louis Tomlinson from 1D!!!" He woke up "Wha...What?" He looked at me and I was still shouting "Oh..." he just laughed while looking at me and I was just spechles. I still couldn't belive my eyes. It was Louis Tomlinson. When I calmed down I asked him "What happened? What are you doing here? Why did you help me? Where are the others?" He just laughed and then he answerd "Others are in the hotel. I don't know what happened to you, I just saw a car hitting you and then I brought you here.I did it because there's something about you." he stoped laughing. He became very sirious "Something in your eyes. Something special. I don't even know you, but...But... I love you. I don't know how, I just do. I love you. No, no It's more then love. It's, it's... I can't describe it." I couldn't belive it. Louis Tomlinson, THE Louis Tomlinson loves me. Could this really be or am I dreaming? "Ha, ha. No, Ora, you are not dreaming." he said. I replyied "But, but... How did you...?" He laughed "Ha, ha. It doesn't matter how, does it?." Now he became even more sirious "But, Ora. I have a secret." "What secret?" I asked suprised. "Can I trust you?" he was like the most sirious guy in the world. "Ofcourse you can. "Can you keep secrets?" "Yea, aguess..." "No, no! You must be sure ok Ora?" O-o-o-ok..." "No, Ora! Be sure you can!" "OK! Now I'm sure." He calmed down "Ora... Ora, I'm..." "Yes..." "I'm not human." "What?" I couldn't belive it. "What are you then?" I asked "I'm... I'm.." he couldn't continue. I tried to make him "Yes... You are what?" "I'm a...


Hope you like it. :/ Want to find out what Louis is? Read the next chapter when I post it! ;)

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