Life after death

Ora was just a normal girl with normal life. Her dream was to meet 1D. One day her dream came true. But something else happened too. Something unexpected. Something that changed her life...


1. In the hospital

I was running as fast as I can but those 2 men were still behind me. I couldn't escape. I turned around a corner. I didn't see them. Finaly! There was a wired car coming. I didn't see it very well cause it was night so it was very dark. And then, suddenly, all I could see was dark. I woke up in some wired place. I realized it was a hospital. "Ora, Ora! Are you allright? I was so worried about you." my mom said all freaked out. "Im ok mom. Aguess..." "Ofcourse you are!" some tall, older man said smiling. It was a doctor. "Come on now. We need to leave her alone. She needs some rest." he said that to my mom and then turned around to me "If u need something just call me or the nurse. Ok?" "Ok." I replyed."Hey doc?!" "Yes Ora?" "What happened to me?" "I'm not sure... I only know that some young boy brought you here. You were in really bad condicion so i couldn't ask him what happened. But there was something wired about him..." "What?" i asked. "Well I think he's a singer but there's something else...Something in his eyes, the way he looked at you and how easy he holded you in his hands. Like you're not heavy at all. Hm... But aguess that's just my opinion." "Oh... Ok" I replyed but I couldn't stop thinking about what he said. Who could it be?" In the morning, when I woke up I saw someone sleeping on the chair next to my bed. It was a boy. When I recognized him I couldn't belive my eyes. It was Louis Tomlinson from 1D!!!

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