A girl called Amy goes to a school called Raven high school and a new girl comes to Raven high school, as a new girl and the new girl, Vanessa has the same birthday as Amy. Amy and Vanessa are bestest friends and 1 day they break up.
Will Amy and Vanessa ever make up?


3. The new girl

Miss Greggs told us all to sit in our places and then she told us some unexpected news. And the news was that there was a new girl coming into our class and the girl was called Vanessa I looked at her and I saw she had blond deadlocks and she had a pink coat and i'm not really keen into pink but I had got to admit the coat was actulley quite nice. And she also looked really kind and I was hoping we would become friends and Miss Greggs said to us " Who would like to show Vanessa around the school?". And I would like to be mates with her but i'm not really bothered about showing a girl around the school and Lexi shot up her hand and she would, Lexi is that type of girl who does anything anyone else would want to do. Everyone shot up there hand exept me, it was like there arms were going to fall of there body, but the arms didn't. Miss Greggs picked Lexi, oh what a surprise and did I say she is not only the most populest girl in the class but also she is teachers pet aswell. So up Lexi got and walked smartly out of the classroom into the corridor with Vanessa and what shocked me was that Vanessa turned and looked at me with a smile.46 minuts past and the school bell went meaning it's time for break time and we all stood and ran out the door and before you knew it everyone was outside and I was going to go and ask Vanessa if she wanted to hang out with me and my mates, but I couldn't because she was getting pulled around by Lexi, so I had no chance. But I tryed and I walked slowly up to her and she turned to look at me and she was gone before I could evan say the word "hi". If Lexi wants to do funny with me she will get funny!

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