A girl called Amy goes to a school called Raven high school and a new girl comes to Raven high school, as a new girl and the new girl, Vanessa has the same birthday as Amy. Amy and Vanessa are bestest friends and 1 day they break up.
Will Amy and Vanessa ever make up?


2. School

I arrived at school and before my dad and me even got onto the school grounds everyone was laughing at me. Next time I am defently going to catch the bus in time!And if I don't get the bus in time I am defently not ging in my dad's old truck because of these 3 reasons I have

1. Everyone will laugh at me and call me names.

2. My dad put's on really old songs on frome like the 60's or 80's and won't put on Viking FM or Capital.

3. The truck makes loads of wierd noises because it's old.

When I had gotton out of the car everyone was still laughing and pointing at me and what made this even worse was that dad had said 10 words that wasn't the right for them to be said and those 10 words were...           I  LOVE YOU DARLING HAVE A NICE DAY AT SCHOOL

And when my dad had said those words I had just smiled at him and turned around and frowned and year I know that was nice to say to me, but not when yo have just come out of your dad's old dirty truck! When I got down the hallway I saw my 3 bestest friends Makayla, Jennifer and Nicole and wasn't I happy to see them, I told them what happened and how embarresing it was and when we got into class Miss Greggs had some news for us.


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