A girl called Amy goes to a school called Raven high school and a new girl comes to Raven high school, as a new girl and the new girl, Vanessa has the same birthday as Amy. Amy and Vanessa are bestest friends and 1 day they break up.
Will Amy and Vanessa ever make up?


1. Being late for the bus

Hi my names Amy and I am going to tell you about a girl called Vanessa and what happened to us on a very not planned year, It all started with me being late for the school bus, AGAIN.


"What?" I moaned,when my mum wroke me up on a monday morning.

"Your going to be late for the school bus, if you don't get up now."

"Coming" I said, getting my slippers on and walking down the stairs into the kitchen. And for sure I new I was going to miss the bus. I mean though haven't you got up late once on a monday morning, wanting to go back to bed and pretend your ill, I have, lots of times!

"Here Amy have some toast and get out of here, before you miss the bus"

For sure I knew my mum was knowing I was going to be late for the bus, and proberly I was proberly going to be late for class if i'm not careful and I might even get a detention of my teacher Miss Greggs, let me tell you about miss Greggs, for one she is mean, well mean doesn't evan begin with Miss Greggs. Miss Greggs is a teacher who you want to just tell her to shut up and talk about something good for once, but no, Miss Greggs talks about ancient history and I bet your thinking yer thats what school is for to learn things, well no Miss Greggs talks about what she's sopost to tell us about and then she talks about when her husband had a divorse with her and I don't blame her x husband, I don't even know why he married her? Anyway back to the bus, thing magig, I ran out the house to see if the bus was there but, no, of course it wasn't, the bus never waits for me! So guess what, I had to go to school in, my dad's old, dirty truck. Can you amagine if anyone saw me go to school in this I will totally be a right fool! I proberly am going to.

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