Used Bed Sheets

A poem based on an experience with a boy I thought I knew.


1. Used bed Sheets


We used to touch hands

And the thick black goo

came easy like comfort and blades once did too

And it settled in my stomach

You stroked my ribcage from the inside

With the fingers I abhorred.




Said you’d marry me once

With black coffee and your daft Russian hat

Read Kafka and Hemingway aloud to you

On borrowed bed sheets and a bed no one knew




My father warned me about you

He told me that a boy had a poisonous tongue

Told me how they would break me in two

It was procession like, silent

When you ripped me in half

Your hair brushing the soft small of my neck

There were two moons in the sky that night

And a stream of bright blue

I could have forgiven you

Even that jaw – a jaw that broke me

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