Lucky Niall

That got your attention didn't it?
Hey. This is a sequel to THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE. I got a fair few requests for more so I decided today that I would make a sequel.
Now, GOSSIP FOR YOU! Turns out, the poor unfortunate in the first movella, whom I never named, is called Niall. And yes, I do realise that that's my name. And just so you know, he is not based on me. Well, loosely based. I'm not as clumsy though. And I'm not conceited either. I don't use my name for all my characters. I don't really know why I picked my own name to be honest. Whatever, I'm in a weird mood.
Anyroad, not only is Niall unlucky the odd day, he's unlucky every day. But then, his granda gives him a watch and something very strange begins to happen . . . See if you can spot it. ;)


4. Worries and Text Convo's

*AUTHOR'S NOTE*  Just before we start, I would like to apologise for not updating sooner and that, in case you get confused,

Normal Arial font is Niall's thoughts and narrative.

Bold, Italic Arial is Niall's texts to Stacey

And Bold Comic Sans is Stacey's texts to Niall.

Now that that's out of the way, Proceed with your reading of my writing.




That weekend, I realised that I didn't hurt myself at all over the 3 days, something that I would never be lucky enough to experience. I knew it had something to do with the watch and I wore it noon and night. I couldn't wait to get back to school on Monday, for no other reason than to see if my new-found luck would win the heart of the elusive Stacey McLove.

I arrived at school, unscathed, and strolled inside, catching, with ease, every pen, paper aeroplane and sharpened chopstick thrown my way. It was then that my thoughts had been reassured, that I could eventually win over Stacey.

I walked to registration only to notice that Stacey wasn't there. I sat in school all day, pondering over where she could be. I couldn't concentrate in any of my classes, worrying about why she wasn't at school. That was another thing about me. Whenever something weird happened, I always assumed the worst. For example, one time, I got home from school and my Mam wasn't at home and I immediately thought she had been kidnapped or rushed to hospital. Turns out, she was taking a driving lesson. Anyway, getting away from the point, that night, after doing all my homework, I decided to chance sending her a text.

Hey :0) what you up to? Missed you in school today :0( So quiet without you. Are you OK? Niall x

I thought about whether I should put the 'x' but decided to take a risk. What was the worst that could happen?

I immediately got a response to the tune of,

Hii :D Nothing much, just watching telly with a cup of tea, what about you? Was it really? :D I'm alright I just have a cold :( Will be in school tomorrow though to infect you all :D lol x

My heart fluttered when I saw the 'x', I was also incredibly relieved to find that she just had a cold, and hadn't caught malaria or been bitten by a scorpion. I quickly replied with,

OK, that's grand :0) was seriously worried :0D lol Not much, just watching Doctor Who. What you watching? x

I don't know, I think it's One Born Every Minute :) Some freaky shit on there! :D I never want to have a child now! :D Promise me that if us two ever get married, you will never ask me for kids :D xx

Oh my God, the magnificent second x!

Eww!  Hahaa :0D do you think we will ever get married? I doubt it :0) xx

You never know ;) Why do you think we wouldn't? xx

Well, because you're all pretty and popular and I'm just . . . me

I knew she hated being called pretty but it had to be said. She speedily responded with,

Awwh Niall, thank you! :'D But why would you think that? What's wrong with being you? You're hilarious, smart, and good looking, if you don't mind me saying :D xxx

Really? :'0) Thank you xxx

It's true :) You don't give yourself enough credit xxx

You're the same :0) You're prettier than you think you are xxx All the boys fancy you. Frankly I'm surprised you're spending time texting me :0D

No they don't! And even if they did, I wouldn't go out with them. They're all dicks. You're the only nice boy in our year, and I mean that :) xxx

Are you serious? :'0) I always thought you had a thing for Mark :0) xxx

No! I mean, yeah he's alright looking but I wouldn't go out with him :0) I have somebody else in mind to be my boyfriend xxx ;)


And so the conversation went on, the little compliments, the subtle flirting and just talking about anything that came to mind. I was surprised at how easy she was to talk to. When the time came to go to sleep, I got into bed, took off my watch and switched off the bedside lamp, hitting my head off the bedside locker (Shouldn't have taken the watch off!) and fell asleep with her in mind, wondering about what tomorrow would bring.


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