Lucky Niall

That got your attention didn't it?
Hey. This is a sequel to THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE. I got a fair few requests for more so I decided today that I would make a sequel.
Now, GOSSIP FOR YOU! Turns out, the poor unfortunate in the first movella, whom I never named, is called Niall. And yes, I do realise that that's my name. And just so you know, he is not based on me. Well, loosely based. I'm not as clumsy though. And I'm not conceited either. I don't use my name for all my characters. I don't really know why I picked my own name to be honest. Whatever, I'm in a weird mood.
Anyroad, not only is Niall unlucky the odd day, he's unlucky every day. But then, his granda gives him a watch and something very strange begins to happen . . . See if you can spot it. ;)


1. Slight Setback

"Oh shit!" I shouted, as I fell in yet another puddle on my way to school. I quickly got up, for fear that anyone saw, especially the goddess, Stacey McLove.

I'd had a monster crush on her for about two years now, as she was probably the nicest good-looking girl in our year. Most of the other fit girls were pure bitches. Not Stacey though. She was so nice. My heart skipped a beat every time she looked at me and I had to go take a cold shower every time she twirled her long hair between her fingers. Moving on, quickly now. So you can forget what you just heard.

I looked up from the ground to find that my worst fears were confirmed. I saw Stacey and her clique standing there in front of me. All the other girls were laughing and whispering amongst themselves, while Stacey looked at me sympathetically and asked, in a voice like silk,

"Are you ok?"

"Y-Yeah." I stammered, "I-I'm fine."

"Sorry about them." She whispered, and I felt like I was being let in on a big secret, "They can be a bit mean."

"It's fine." I said, trying to sound non-chalant, as I went to lean on the side of a van that wasn't there. The result was a bruised ego and a sore arse.

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed, stifling a giggle, "Are you sure you're ok?"

"Yeah." I answered, as she held a hand out to help me up, "I'm fine."

I would never wash that hand again.

"Ok. I'll see you later." She answered with a smile. A smile in which she bit the tip of her tongue slightly. A smile that caused dimples to appear either side of her mouth. But most of all, a smile that sent hormones rushing around my body.

"Stacey!" I called after her as she started to walk away, "Your hair's lovely today."

"No it's not." She replied, blushing, as she always did when I complimented her. I couldn't understand why she couldn't see what I saw when I looked at her.

She walked away with her friends, her long, dark, wavy hair bouncing on her back as she strolled, her lightly foundationed face looking back, her smile turning to a wince as she chose the right moment to see me tripping over my laces

"Why God?" I whispered to myself, fighting back the tears, "Why can't you give me just one moment with Stacey where I don't get bruised, mauled or burned?"

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