Lucky Niall

That got your attention didn't it?
Hey. This is a sequel to THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE. I got a fair few requests for more so I decided today that I would make a sequel.
Now, GOSSIP FOR YOU! Turns out, the poor unfortunate in the first movella, whom I never named, is called Niall. And yes, I do realise that that's my name. And just so you know, he is not based on me. Well, loosely based. I'm not as clumsy though. And I'm not conceited either. I don't use my name for all my characters. I don't really know why I picked my own name to be honest. Whatever, I'm in a weird mood.
Anyroad, not only is Niall unlucky the odd day, he's unlucky every day. But then, his granda gives him a watch and something very strange begins to happen . . . See if you can spot it. ;)


2. Pick-Up Lines Gone Wrong

I quickly fixed myself up, and was pelted with rubber, pencil sharpeners and paper aeroplanes on the way. And most of that was from my PE teacher! I was popular with most of the teachers, mainly because I was a nerd, and, what some people would call, a lickarse. Basically, I was polite, and none of the other students liked me for it. But, saying that, I was far from liked by my PE teacher, probably because I couldn't kick a ball to save my life. I was alright at badminton but apparently, anyone who played badminton was, in his words, a poofter. And he wonders why I don't like PE.

I'd run into Stacey a few times during the day, during all of which I was in pain or humiliated. We had a few classes together but the main one was woodwork. Unfortunately, another girl from Stacey's clique, Hayley, was there aswell. Hayley was pretty too but couldn't be more unlike Stacey if she tried. Her blonde hair and blue eyes contrasted with Stacey's brown hair and hazel eyes.

Woodwork finally came, in which I'd nicked myself with the chisel a few times and whacked my hand with a mallet. Not fun. After I composed myself and got over the embarrassment of it all, I plucked up the courage to go over to Stacey and Hayley. I'd always liked to make people laugh. It was the only thing I was good at, other than the nerdy stuff. I walked over and, forgetting how vicious Hayley could be, said;

"If you were a door, I'd bang you all day long."

I'd expected a laugh, which I got from Stacey. The most adorable laugh, that sounded almost like a chipmunk. I definitely didn't expect what I got from Hayley though. I won't tell you what, because I don't know how I can make it sound appropriate, but I think you can guess. What I will say though, is that I was lying on the ground in pain for about 10 minutes afterwards, clutching the male area. I almost laughed when I saw Hayley receiving a proper Eastenders slap from Stacey. And of course, the Woodwork teacher didn't care. He didn't hate me, he just knew how clumsy I was and assumed this was just another one of my mishaps. I could hear Stacey asking;

"Are you ok?" I smiled a little until I heard the teacher saying;

"He'll be fine in a couple of minutes, the mallet probably fell and hit him in the bollocks."

Yeah. I thought to myself, A mallet.

I got up from my mishap and received a monster hug from Stacey, enquiring as to whether I was ok and whether I would need her to kiss the boo-boo better.

At least, that's what I thought had happened. Well, thought, hoped, same difference.

What actually happened was quite similar, except, instead of Stacey hugging me, it was the dinner lady. The one with the hair net on her beard. Luckily, she didn't suggest what I dreamed Stacey had suggested.

Not the best day, I will admit, but still in the Top 10.

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