The Musical Feature.

Anastasia North is a normal, school-attending girl, with nothing but good grades and great friendships on her mind. Music was never something she'd enter into.
But in one Music lesson, she goes from Piano-freaked, to Piano-freak.
Something's wrong with the eletrics.

Will Anastasia be the same again?


1. 1

Anastasia North.

A name known by most students at Chewston High. Usually it would have been a geek ; To avoid. But this was different. Anastasia wasn't a geek. She wasn't from anywhere most known like England, Ireland, Russia, Canada, France. She was pure American. She had a kind heart, and liked to get on with work like a simple student, but she was also sort of popular, in a way people didn't fully understand. Usually a detention would have bagged you any kind of popularity, but no. Nothing but a sqeaky clean record.

Maybe it was the fact that she knew everything about everbody. No-body but herself understood or even knew why, but that was hidden. Never to be spoken of. Not a single soul, but her own, knew anything about what had happened 2 years ago, in 9th grade.

A simple Music lesson ruined the rest of her life. Well, in brain terms, anyway. Her social life was perfect, and her health was great too. Tall, lean, and ready for a challenge. But her brain wasn't. The only thing it took in was...

"Ana? You alright?"

Anastasia felt her face blush red, and her heart bounce up a thousand feet. Not only had Brionay just made her jump, but her voice was so loud that now the whole room had spun round in their seats. Even Mr Leigh, who gave her such a look, she couldn't believe she wasn't listening. She was meant to be focusing, they had a full answered test tomorrow!

She nodded nervously, and gave Mr Leigh a weak, but very promising smile. He spun back round, and began to type something, but Anastasia was too busy letting out a sigh of relief to notice.

When everything went back to normal, Brionay spun back around, and Anastasia gave her a look and shot her fore finger to her lip in a 'Shut Up!' motion.

Brionay surrendered, and began to scribble furiously. But only Anastasia knew she wasn't making notes, but instead, writing her a note.

Right on que, Brionay held out her arm, containing a small post-it note, with scruffy, but joined handwriting. Anastasia slipped it out of Brionay's hand when sir wasn't looking, and read carefully.


I know somethin's up wid u.

U cant hide anythin from me, girlie.


Anastasia rolled her eyes, and scrunched the note up in her hand. Brionay didn't know anything. It was Anastasia who did all the knowing. She pushed out the thought, and watched sir write on the white board in front of them all. Anastasia managed to catch a glimpse of something about The Civil War, but that was all she could manage.

Suddenly, the moments were back. Anastasia felt her head wurr madly, and her eyes flash.

"Hey, what did you get, Ana?"

I look down towards my sheet.

"Ugh, a C-, what about you?"

Brionay laughs.

"I shouldn't have to tell you, should I?"

I laugh gingerly.

"Bri, you failed, again?"

"Sure did, Ana, sure did".

Anastasia felt her body shake, and her eyes returned to the History classroom. But something was wrong. Everbody stood around her.

"Anastasia, are you alright? I think you blacked out!"

Anastasia looked up towards Mr Leigh who was stood right in front of her. But Anastasia couldn't feel the wooden chair anymore. She was lying on the classroom floor, her book scattered beside her. Her textbook was lying on the edge of the desk, and every sheet of loose paper had piled all around her.

"Oh God, not again!"

Anastasia tried to kept it under her breath, but Mr Leigh - Being Superman and all - heard what she'd said.

"This has happened before? Have you told somebody?" he asked frantically, helping her onto her feet. The whole class had surrounded her, and Brionay was biting her lip.

"Uh, yeah, kinda. I think I just have a weak mind, Sir. Need to pay a bit more attention".

Just as she'd finished speaking, the bell rung, loud, sharp and clear.

"Okay, folks, head off now. Remember, big test tomorrow!" he called, and made his way back to his desk.

"Maybe you should consider speaking to somebody, Anastasia".

Anastasia smiled weakly, and nodded.

"Will do, Sir, will do".

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