She played her symphony with a musical twist, her bow was a razor and her violin was her wrist. Her music was beautiful poetry and no one saw the truth, society is to blame for the death of another innocent youth. But before she said her final goodbye this violinist played her final notes into the night, and when the night was up and the concert was done her beautiful soul was put to rest. And there we have the final good bye and the amateur violinist slipped into the night.


7. 6.

Cuts to love chapter 6
"Please wake up" I continuously said while nudging him.
I put my fingers to his neck, he still had a pulse but a very faint one. I sighed with slight relief, but I still had to do something. I grabbed the toilet roll of the side and wrapped a lot round his arm, to try and calm the bleeding whilst I ran out to the kitchen, I searched through cupboards to try find a first aid kit or something that would help.
Finally I found a box under the sink with bandages and stuff in. I ran back into the bathroom grabbing a pillow out of his room quickly. I rested his head lightly on the pillow, out a cold flannel on his head. I lightly picked up his arm covered in toilet roll, the blood was slowing down now, I took all the paper off looked not the box and got some antiseptic wipes. I very lightly and carefully wiped over the cuts trying not to hurt him anymore.i looked into the box again I saw a couple of big plasters I put a few of them on before wrapping some bandage around it and carefully pinning it. I took the flannel off his head and put It back on the sink, I saw his blood all over the top,sink and floor. It made me feel guilty, maybe it was me who caused this, i mean he never done it before I don't think...
Anyway ill find out later what happened but I better clean up, wait what should I do with Liam? I can't move him without going through the room...I guess he's gonna have to stay there for a while. I jogged into his room and got the brown blanket off the end of his bed, I went back to Liam and put it on him to make sure he was warm, I wet the the flannel again and rest it on his head so he doesn't have a bad headache when he wakes up, I would take him to the hospital but they would ask too many questions.

Right, first things first the bathroom.
I got some glass cleaner and spray it over the mirror wiping it down so it was spotless, I got some wipes and wiped around the sink area. Turning in the tap so it would swirl some blood down the plug hole. I finished by moping the floor, sometimes I had to do some awkward positions so I could clean around Liam but at least he didn't see me looking like a stupid toad.
Halfway to getting the place back to normal.

Next, the bedroom.
I hoovered up all the glass bits, and scrubbed the floor with washing up liquid and a flannel to get the blood off the carpet. I changed the quilt covers and I changed the pillow cases. I done some finishing touches by putting the photos back up and getting a photo from the hallway and putting it in the spare room to cover a hole in the wall. Great,finished.

I went back into the bathroom to check on Liam, he was still Lying there, his eyes were moving slowly under his eye lids, which meant he was dreaming. You don't understand how relieved I was when I saw that, aha.
I needed to move him, the floor would hurt his back if he stays there to long
I got a chair from the dinning room and took it to the bathroom, very slowly lifting Liam into the chair, I don't no how though, my own strength surprised me, I carefully pulled him back into the bedroom so he was at the side of the bed , I clime bed on to the bed, standing up and pulling him on to it. Spinning his body around so he was fully on the bed but being very careful and gentle with his arm. His Tshirt was dirty with dried blood, I didn't want him to stay in it but maybe he would like it I attempt to change it?

I slowly lifted up the bottom of his Tshirt which to my relief showed the bottom of another Tshirt/ vest thing. I slowly pulled t,he rest of the material up, picking his through the hole so it didn't hurt. After sometime of concentrating it was finally off. I pulled the covers over him. And headed to the door before I heard a very quiet mumble, "" I looked around, Liam hadn't moved a bit, maybe it was his dream? "" I Heard him mumble some more, but couldn't quite make out what he said but i guess it didn't really matter....

A/N I'm sorry it has been so long since I posted, I had it as a draft I just forgot to post it, whoops. And I know it's not very long but I had writers block so I don't my best :) thankss☺❤
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