She played her symphony with a musical twist, her bow was a razor and her violin was her wrist. Her music was beautiful poetry and no one saw the truth, society is to blame for the death of another innocent youth. But before she said her final goodbye this violinist played her final notes into the night, and when the night was up and the concert was done her beautiful soul was put to rest. And there we have the final good bye and the amateur violinist slipped into the night.


5. 4.

Cuts to love chapter 4.

-Melissa POV-
He looked at the ground then back at me confused,"Melissa?" he asked in a dry voice.
I could feel tears coming but i blinked them away.
"I knew that's how you would reply, now just let me go!" I said forcefully.
"No! I'm sorry About back then, no one knew what was going on.." He said.
"I didn't care about everyone else! They was just this one person who took the piss the most and took a little joke to far!" I said raising my voice then Getting quieter, realising what I just said..
"Who?" He asked concerned.
"Never mind.." I said
"Who was it?" He asked again.
" it doesn't matter Liam" I said turning to the door.
"MELISSA! Tell ME who it was?!" He said in a kind of shouty voice
"IT WAS YOU LIAM! YOU WERE THE ONE WHO LAUGHED AT ME..PUSHED ME AROUND AT TREated me worse than anyone else, so can you blame me for wanting to leave?" I said from shouting to a whisper.
I could see his eyes getting watery, "look, I'm so sorry about then but I was like 10 or 11 I didn't understand what was going on! I didn't no who you were I didn't even no who I was." He said whispering.
"It still doesn't gi---"
He cut me off with a kiss..and very deep, romantic kiss.
I was so confused.
"Sorry" he said after pulling away from the best kiss was my first...
A/N sorry it's short but I'm away for a week so I thought I should at least post a little bit:)
Ps. Remember to read my other fanfic 'I love Liam's pain'
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