She played her symphony with a musical twist, her bow was a razor and her violin was her wrist. Her music was beautiful poetry and no one saw the truth, society is to blame for the death of another innocent youth. But before she said her final goodbye this violinist played her final notes into the night, and when the night was up and the concert was done her beautiful soul was put to rest. And there we have the final good bye and the amateur violinist slipped into the night.


4. 3.

We got to my apartment i opened the door and let her in first, like a gentlemen.
"There is a spare room down that corridor and second door on your right, you can put your stuff down in there, ill start making dinner."

-Melissa POV-
Wow,he was being really nice. Do you think it's a show he putting on? or do you think hes generally like that?
"Okay thanks" i said walking down the hall to my room.
I got in to the room shut the door and chucked my bag on the bed all my stuff came flying out and went all over the room i was picking it all up and shoving it into my bag again when i felt this sharp pain in my hand. i looked down and saw it bleeding. I looked down and saw my razor blade. I got the sudden urge to use it, i didn't need to but my body forced me to.
I slowly bend down and picked it up, i sat down and out my back against the bed, i rolled up my sleeve and saw my scars, some of my more recent cuts were still scabs. i put the cold blade against my skin i already felt the pain going away. When all of a sudden the door swung open, i turned around quickly causing me to pull the blade clean across my arm, i screamed in pain. why was it hurting this much? It never hurts! Liam looked shocked and came to me straight away, he knelt down next to me tore one of his sleeves of his t-shirt and wrapped it round my cuts he tied the ends together to make sure it didn't fall of. i closed my eyes trying to get my mind of the pain, it wasn't working. it kept on giving me shocks of pain, i screamed again, i started to cry, my whole body was on fire, i looked a down and saw all my blood coming through the ripped but of t-shirt. then it all went black.

*next morning* I woke up the next morning in a bed, it was dark and so silent. Everything was different , where was I? I looked around I didn't recognise anything. I got out of bed which meant putting pressure on my arm, it sent a shock of pain right up, I didn't mean to but I let out a short sharp scream. I looked down at my arm it was in a bandage. I opened the door and looked round, it was pitch black. I stepped into the corridor the cold floor froze my feet, I walked down. Everything still look alien to me...where was i? All of a sudden I heard my name being called I spun around and saw Liam stood there "woah, you almost gave me a heart attack" I said. "Oh sorry" he said with a concerned look on his face," so how is your arm? Is the bandage uncomfortable? Did I do it to tight?" He asked. "You done that?" "We'll, yeah..." He replied kinda confused. "Oh thank you... Well I better go pack, thank you for letting me stay and thanks for the bandage" i said turning around and walking back in to the room to get my stuff. Then I felt a hand grab my arm. "What the fuck are you doing?" I screamed in pain. He looked confused then realised he was holding down on my cut. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry" he said releasing my arm, "I'll go get some ice, you sit on the couch" he said trying to help. "No I said its fine, I'm used to it..." I replied quietly. "No your not leaving, you're in pain. Just go sit down on the couch for about ten minutes"he said in a worried voice. "...fuck sake..." I muttered under my breath, " alright." -Liam POV- I know she was pissed and stuff but she didn't have to be so rude! I went into the kitchen to get some ice and walked back into the living room, she was sat down on the sofa look straight forward with no expression on her face. The mood was so dull this morning it really sucked, and just to make it worse I hate seeing people upset and guess what! She was upset:( ....I sound like such a wet boy but seriously it does sucked. "Sorry I don't think I got your name..." I said trying to make conversation. "It'" She whispered. "It's a nice name..." "You don't have to be nice to me, so just cut the crap...." She said slightly raising her voice and dropping the ice pack. "Why are you like this 'Melissa'? Why can't you understand that I'm trying t help you? Can you actually understand that not everyone is bad, and that there is actually some people who care? I mean I've tried to help like 10 times now and all you've done is shoot me down you attempt to leave.... I mean do you want me to let you just run away and kill yourself? Because If you do I ..I ..I can't do it... I've already let it happen before and I'm not going to happen again, so sorry if thats what you wanted." I said trying to keep as calm as possible. She look at me, and just looked at me for ages. I started to feel really guilty about what I just said. We were sat in silence for about ten minutes before I heard a slight whisper. "... I don't like to be like this you know...I just don't no anything better....every time someone says they care...they just give up on me and I don't get close to people anymore...sorry." She stood up and started walking to her room. I didn't no what to do or say. She came back fully dressed tied up hair, quite dark make up which made her bright blue eyes stand out like a golden star in the night sky. She got her dr.martins on and headed for the door. "What are you doing?" I asked confused. " have to let go Melissa you have to let go...just forget... "she was whispering to herself. "Melissa what are you doing?" She didn't reply she just kept whispering to her self 'you have to let go Melissa you have to let go...just forget...forget him..' I walked over to her," forget who?" I asked. "Don't you remember..?" She asked in an innocent voice. " remember what?" "Year 5..." She started, "it's me ... Moody Melissa..."
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