If life was a dream id stay here forever

This a story of my dreams and my life put all in one


3. Understandance

When he got out of the hospital he wasnt himself. He stayed home, didnt really get out of bed, and didnt really see many people. After a little while things had changed... Bobby was gone to college and i was here alone. Now my parents are together, happily married but ive never felt like an only child till now. But then he started coming over, to hang out with me. He didnt care if anyone else was here he just cared if i was. After a couple months of us hanging out things had changed and i really liked it. Before Bobby and him were best friends who went to each others house and slept over, played video games, went to the movies, went swimming. I had only been inside his house about once or twice but now i was almost here every day. Robin (his mom) and I had seemed to become alot closer too! She invited me over for dinner and to come with them out. I loved how things were. 

A couple weeks later after we thought everything was going awesome, he went to the doctor or a normal check up and found himself staying in the hospital for 4 days. I asked to go see him every night he was there but there was always a reason why we couldnt go. The night he went into the hospital we were supposted to take his nephew to Wee Praise. But we couldnt because he was in the hospital... but i wanted to go see him. When i got home i found a letter from momma asking me to paint our guest room so i did what i was told. When she got home i asked but of course it was no... "too much on a school night" the next night "your daddy said not tonight he is too tired" the next night my mom made plans for me to go with a couple friends to a movie, i had a blast and couldnt wait to tell my parents. When i got home of course my mood was ruined by my dads remark. "did you have a good night?" "yes! what did yall do?" "oh we went to go see Him we had a blast too bad you missed it." 

My heart seemed to drop off of a building... i looked at my mom and right away she was worried she yelled WHAT? WHATS THE MATTER? i said you went and saw him?!?!! she explained that they were kidding but understood they shouldnt have 

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